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Life After Death

Genre : Gothic Doom Metal
City  : Cimahi, West Java

Member :

Biography :
L.A.D was borned at january 2000 in our beloved city of flower Bandung. at first we bring da hard musics such as a death Metal, its cause we dont have a Female Voc.
in 2002 L.A.D found a new light in Gothic.
we have a changes for Female Voc, at last we Found da Voices that we wanted
and its in Nina Cutex's Voices.
in 2004 L.A.D was releashed first album "Tears of Angel" with our hits "Eternal Hum
an" in old members
Nina Cutex as Female Voc.
Noy's Gothic Barker as Drum , Growls
Buddy as Lead Guitar
Ted denose as Bass
Yantoz as Keyboard
as we know in da way we build a Band there's always a problem that make us decided to rest in da music world.
in 2011 L.A.D was Reborned with a new line up
Nina cutex as Female Voc.
Noy's Gothic Barker as Drum , Growls
Ayi impish as scream
Bang Ewink as Lead Guitar
Denz as Guitar
Yantoz as Keyboard
Na'z Zap-road as Bass
untill now we prepare for da second album,
just wait for da new L.A.D with da second album
We'll bring da Gothics allive more than ever before...
STAY GOTH.... \m/....
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