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Interview With Age Of Sinfonia (Singapore Symphonic Metal) English Version

Age Of Sinfonia
Symphonic Metal

AGE OF SINFONIA was founded in 2008 by brothers, guitarist Rasen and keyboard player Jack. Both shared a strong love for progressive metal, laced with classical music traditions; also known as symphonic metal.

 This bit of our conversation with the AGE OF SINFONIA,.

M 1 :  Hello Age Of Sinfonia, Greetings from Us Mianydoire!
 Age of Sinfonia: - Greetings from us as well, Age of Sinfonia from Singapore and we thank you for the interview. We are indeed heartened!

M 2 :  How early formation Age Of Sinfonia until now?
Age Of Sinfonia : - Age of Sinfonia embodied in September 2008 by me and my brother Jack (Comedy) for his interest symphonic metal music. No bands in Singapore at that time who play music Symphonic Metal. At first, we were there a lot of exchange members and stabilized after Elfie (Drums) and his younger brother Andy (Bass) playing with us around February 2009. JC (Violins) with us in April 2009 and Savvia (February 2010) is also a complete line up of the Age of Sinfonia.

M 3 : What philosophy do you take the name Age Of Sinfonia?
Age Of Sinfonia: - name given by our old drummer. Bererti Symphony Sinfonia in English Italy / Greece and Age of Sinfonia means "beginning of time symphony"
M 4 :  So, what genre of music do you play?
Age Of Sinfonia :  Its a fusion of classical symphony, heavy metal and operatic vocals, all of which are the core essence of Symphonic Metal.


M 5 : Please introduce your personnel today!
Age Of Sinfonia :  Elfie (Drums): -
Savvia Lenore - Mezzo Soprano - 20 yr
JC - Violins - 31 yr
Dr Jackyll Hyde - Keyboards / Composer - 27 yr
Rasen John - Guitars - 31 yr
Andy Swift - Bass - 25 yr
Elfie Corleone - Drums - 32 yr
We all are graduates from various schools of music.

M 6 :  Well, if you're the most influences from?
Age Of Sinfonia :  In terms of individuals we all come from different music backgrounds. I prefer to, Ska / Reggae, Punk-Rock, Hardcore, and Emo. If Andy is also more interest in Jazz, Funk and Ska. JC also to the classical. Rasen towards blues and progressive rock (Adagio, Dream Theater). Jack more interest in classical and baroque like Maxim. Savvia 100% interest in one metal and Iron Maiden.

M 7 :  Okay, to the extent it has released what album?
Age Of Sinfonia :  So far we have 1 Ep : Capriccio :- An End and A Beginning and we were also involved with two compilations in Singapore. NOISE 2011 and Come Together : The Best of Singapore Street Festival Artiste 2011.

M 8 :  What are the ups and downs when you record?
Age Of Sinfonia :  Recording more strengthen us as a collection and also he could see in terms of individuals who are more confident as a musician. Relax relax wrote for us all. LOL!

M 9 :  Ow yeah heard you guys ever heard played in Indonesia so, when and where?
Age Of Sinfonia :  We played in Jogja Brebeg # 21 in Yogyakarta on July 8 this year and also Undersickness IV: Madness in Batam on November 11 this year.

M 10 : Is there any intention in Indonesia want to play again?
Age Of Sinfonia :  Definitely. Indonesia has always been special to all of us and we miss playing in Indonesia.

M 11 :  What do you think about the free download of the band's vibrant Independent bands right now?
Age Of Sinfonia : With the convenience of the internet and the constantly advancing technology, it is inevitable I guess. However, downloaders should try to consider before clicking the download button the amount of effort time and money the band has put into the production. What is a few dollars compared to hundreds the band has to fork out to bring you what they do. Musicians are humans with bills to pay too

M 12 :  According to your views, How bands developments in Singapore today?
Age Of Sinfonia :  Singapore has a lot of talent. We have really great bands and musicians and we are proud to have bands like Wormrot and Impiety who have made a name for themselves globally. Hopefully more of our homebred talent can rise up too as have some really kickass bands here from all subgenres of metal.

M 13 :  Okay, what do you guys busy besides gig?
Age Of Sinfonia :  We all work full time or are still in the university.

M 14 :  What are your hopes for the future?
Age Of Sinfonia :  For now we are taking a break after our overseas gig this year and we are heading back to the studios to record our album. At the same time to recharge ourselves and plan ahead. We plan to be back by June 2013 and we hope to play at a show near you!

M 15 :  There was a message to friends musician friend in Indonesia?
Age Of Sinfonia :  Keep doing what you guys do and always strive to be better.

M 16 :  Mention that last sentence for ​​Mianydoire!
Age Of Sinfonia :   Regardless of race, religion or background, never stop believing in music.

M 17 : Okay, thank you!
Age Of Sinfonia :  Thank you so much! \m/