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Best Album February 2020

It's the end of February, like the previous month, this month too many cool albums. Now i make article again, best album this month in my humble opinion. And here the list..

1.Xenobiotic - Mordrake (Unique Leader Records)

For me it's the best album than their album before. They raise their musical level to a more extraordinary step. It's a sick album with smart songwriting and complexity, that can destroy the unity of heart, mind and inner strength at the same time. 

Favorite Track : Saphris

2.Plague - Portraits Of Mind (Redefining Darkness Records & Nuclear Winter Records)

It's a new band for me, but i really relish since first time listen it. It's a solid album, agressive Old School Death Metal with sweet guitar solo, remind me with early-Death (Band) and Skeletal Remains.

Favorite Track : Mind Control

3.Peripheral Cortex - God Kaiser Hell (Vmbrella Records)

If you think that Sweep Arpeggios can't mix with Saxophone and clean vocal in Death metal music, you should listen this band. It's crazy combine when Tech Death meets Free Jazz. I can't imagine before, they are did it increddibly. 

Favorite Track : Ordinary Elitist Weekend

4.Izthmi - The Arrows Of Our Ways (Within The Mind Records)

The nice ecounter between the calm Atmospheric Black Metal with the taste of Death metal, sweet melodic and catchy progressive touch. You will savoring a different emotions and sensation that evoke by this album. I really enjoy with this records.

Favorite Track : ...This Listless World

5.Schizogen - Spawn Of Almighty Essence (Willowtip Records)

It's really vicious Technical Brutal Death Metal album, many parts that can beat you senseless and make you fall unconscious, and then drive you toward more sadistic torture.

Favorite Track : Galaxies Systematic Infection

6.Beneath The Massacre - Fearmonger (Century Media Records)

After long time vacuum without an album, since their last released "Incongruous" in 2012. Canadian Tech Death master are back with new album more agressive, and more impressive. This album will stun you with high level of complexity.

Favorite Track : Tarnished Legacy

7.Kevlar Skin - Necroroid (Phatologically Explicit Recordings)

Explosive comeback from Spanish Technical Brutal Death metal outfit. Their new album are ready spoils your mind and sense with ferocious music structure, insane blastbeat, and chaotic guitar solos.

Favorite Track : Xenomorph Rising

8.Fractured Insanity - Massive Human Failure (Massacre Records)

Different songwriting with another Brutal Death Metal, they package their music more smooth with a gripping cinematic aura that gripped, making me feel like I'm mired in a deep abyss.

Favorite Track : Massive Human Failure

9.Volcandra - Into The Azure (Independent)

Their debut album bring the fire, nice Melodic Black/Death metal with Progressive touch, dramatical tune, and atmospheric aura, their music will capture and send you into an eternal nightmare.

Favorite Track : The Burning Mountain

10.Shadow Of Contempt - Hopeless (Coyote Records)

They make Brutal Death Metal sound more listenable, focusing on modern sound, they blend complexity of Technical Death Metal and insane Brutal Death Metal with fast blasbeats, heavy breakdowns, and tight riffs.

Favorite Track : Limits Of Insanity