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Best album January 2020

It's undeniable that this year begins with extraordinary albums, every band from every genre seems to compete to produce a special work for the audience. Well, this time I want to make a short review of the albums that I enjoyed in January, this is not about ranking, I made it because this is the album that I chose the best this month in my opinion. Here is the list

》Odious Mortem - Synesthesia (Willowtip Records)
They are back after more than a decade with awesome record, combine catchy riff, unique music structure with melodic and sweet technical.

Favorite track : Dissonant Theology

Odious Mortem

》Wormhole - The Weakest Among Us (Lacerated Enemy Records)
A new wave of Slamming Technical death metal, this album will anesthetize you helpless and push you into new dimension.

Favorite Track : D-S3


》 Blasphemer - The Sixth Hour (Candlelight Records)
Damn, this album will send you flying surround the nightmares with dark melodies and super arrangements.

Favorite Track : The Deposition


》Apep - The Invocation Of The Deathless One (Independent)
Wow, this album is really bang my head, fast and agressive Technical Death music. With lyrical themes about Egyptian mythology, their music sound more horrific, and every part of this album especially guitar solos make my neck hair goosebumps.

Favorite Track : Banishing Of Chaos

》Slave One - Omega Disciples (Dolorem Records)
Cool, this album offer you a strong blend of old school, melodic, groove and progressive death metal. And the special from this album is impressive material with memorable guitar solos will stab your brain and slice your vein.

Favorite Track : Lightless Perspectives

》Defiled - Infinite Regress (Season Of Mist)
Maybe in Japan is not so familiar with Death Metal music than other countries, but make no mistake there are senior bands, yes they are Defiled. They returned with a new album with a more violent, chaotic and complex musical composition, weird guitar solo will slaping your face with a brutally slap.

Favorite Track : Aftermath

》Nero Di Marte - Immoto (Season Of Mist)
It's an underrated music, like a soundtrack when you feel restless and malaise. Feel the strains of Post death metal music with a dark atmosphere, will make you more immersed in the aura of anxiety. One of best productions!

Favorite Track : La Fuga

》Deuteronomy - The Last Roman (Independent)
It's very interesting, once I listen to them, it makes me addicted. My ears were raped by the strains of dark tones decorated with a blend of Blackened death metal and some elements such as experimental and simply technical riffs, so that made their music quite unique.

Favorite Track : Dara

》Ad Vitam Infernal - Infernal Comedy (Lavadome Productions)
This album is dense and beautiful, from the beginning to the end we will be brought in an aggressive musical attack from every song on this album, as if we were given no room to breathe at all. Nice melodies with great songwriting is ready to pierce your mind until you are helpless.

Favorite Track : To Cross The Rivers

》Deadspawn - Pestilence Reborn (Independent)
What I like about this album is aggressive music blended with catchy riffs and wrapped with a dark aura in every song on this album. This is suitable for those of you who have high adrenaline and are ready to spur your spirits to more heat up.

Favorite Track : From Ruins