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Best Album March 2020

Yap it's the end of March, finally we will share again top 10 album that we think are the best this month and become our favorite. Here the list

1.Roman Ring - The Halogen (Independent)
Their music will take you on a journey to another galaxies before bringing you back to this earth as an evolved being. They combine speed and Technicality with Progressive vibe.

Favorite Track : God Narcotic

2.Helion - The Great Fall (Revalve Records)
They make their music sound interesting with smart composition, nice melodies, complex structure, romantic tones with neoclassical touch, it will burning your mind with high level technicality.

Favorite Track : A Dormant Energy

3.Afterbirth - Four Dimensional Flesh (Unique Leader Records)
They are back with a briliant album, unique combine between Ferocity of Brutal Death with Intelligent Progressive Death and grapped dark atmosphere aura.

Favorite Track : Black Hole Kaleidoscope

4.Decaying Purity - Mass Extinction Of The Providential Ones (Sevared Records)
They are back !!! Yap, Turkish BDM always amaze me, with awesome music structure. Fast, Ferocious, Complex, and Horrified. It's one of best Brutal Death Record ever.

Favorite Track : Exhuming Ancient Species

5.Perdition Temple - Sacraments Of Descension (Hell's Headbangers Records)
Uncompromized, complex, fast, and vicious. The riffs become more chaotic and aggressive, bringing the onslaught of the harrowing Blackened death metal. It's perfect nightmares that packaged with beautiful form.

Favorite Track : Carnal Harvest

6.Blidvinter - Petrichor (Independent)
This album is like the journey between time and space, and you will get a different sensation when you listen every track in this album, fresh and unique. It's a nice combine Progressive, Melodic and Doom with Swedish Death metal style.

Favorite Track : A Somber Scene

7.Dawn Of Ouroboros - The Art Of Morphology (Rain Without End Records)
For sure, it's a fantastic records, they succeeded in making their own musical identity, blend complexity of Progressive Death, nice melodic, smooth doom music, with fresh Post Black Metal vibe and strengthened with strong nice Female vocal, really love this album.

Favorite Track : Spiral Of Hypnotism

8.Emperium - Advent (Eastbreath Records)
Perfect combine of Neo classical music, Baroque and some Progressive element and packaged in the Technical Death Metal arrangement, it feel like i get a hug warm from beautiful angel, and you will get a fantasy with a high level when you listen every part of this album.

Favorite Track : Apotasy

9.Wake - Devouring Ruin (Translation Loss Records)
This new records absolutely will suprise you in every side. Uncompromise, smart, ferocius and genuinely will make your mind and heart numbing.

Favorite Track : Mouth Of Abolition

10.Sweven - The Eternal Resonance (Ván Records)
This album is one of the biggest surprises that I've come when first time i listen it. It's fantastic, astonishing progressive death music with strong arrangement.

Favorite Track : Visceral Blight