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Best Album of May 2020

Hello friends, again I will make a list of records that I think are the best of the month and become my favorite. Here is the list

1.Devangelic - Ersetu (Willowtip Records)
They are on fire in this album, deliver a tight Brutal Death Metal with crisp and punchy sound, strong vocal performance, and beautified by the melody that appears on some song. I think it's best album of them than before.

Favorite Track: Sigils Of Fallen Abominations

2.Killitorous - The Afterparty (Independent)
As usual they always agressive, full of shred, sweep and blast beat. This album is high quality of music structure that will shred your head from begining into the end of party.

Favorite Track: Eat Your God Alive

3.Cryptic Shift - Visitations From Enceladus (Blood Harvest Revords)
Without a doubt, it's a fantastic album, they combine ridiculously riffage, unsettling sci-fi ambience, and the magnificent instrumental that blow my mind. Incredibble music.

Favorite Track: The Arctic Chasm

4.Cosmic Putrefaction - The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers (I, Voidhanger Records)
The heaviest form of Death Metal, attack from the depths of space and pulls us towards the steepest dimension. Don't sleep on this guys!

Favorite Track: The Glooming Murk Of His Telluric Shrieks

5.Ara - Jurisprudence (Independent)
They are back with killer album, a mix of Anata and Suffocation i guess. Chaos, ferocious, and many riffs with dissonant sounds remain interesting every time, i love this production, one of most enjoyable album this year.

Favorite Track: Abhortion

6.Pile Of Priest - Pile Of Priest (Extreme Metal Music)
This records is slaps, fantastic combination between Progressive Death Metal with Thrash and Melodic touch. Low growl vocal, catchy riff with memorable guitar solos, and thunderous drums and bass with pleasant ambience

Favotite Track: Bloodstained Citadel

7.Esoctrilihum - Eternity Of Shaog (I, Voidhanger Records)
An album that describing the comprehensive atmosphere with gripping melodic nuance into the deepest side of our mind. Leads us on a journey that is equally aggressive and monumental. It's an elegant concept album and neatly arranged arrangements.

Favorite Track: Eternity of Shaog (8th Passage - Grave of Agony)

8.Shadow In The Darkness - Erstwhile Befell (Sliptrick Records)
One of nice debut album of this year, their music structure is complex, fast, and not easy to perceive, so that their music will run through the mind. I describe their music is beautiful like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Favorite Track: The Aboriginal Storyteller

9.Patrons Of The Rotting Gate - Bathed In Ash (Independent)
This month many solo projects have released albums, and this album has become one of my favorites. Their music is mix of Progressive Death Metal with a little less atmospheric, more Blackened, and Experimental though which blends into one herb that can poison and stun the mind.

Favorite Track: The Silent City

10.Foretoken - Ruin (Independent)
It's my first introduction with this band and i discover them from Bandcamp, since first time i listen i'm fallin love with their music, a nice combination of Melodic Death Metal with Symphonic music with epic and artistic touch. Listening to this album is like taking a fantasy journey to a different space.

Favorite Track : A Deathless Prison