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Recent Riffs: EP.5

After checking some releases, i decide to recommend you these band in this episode, maybe some of you still don't know about them or miss their new releases, well i present it for you.


German Technical Brutal Death Metal Extinctionist is return with new album is called "Obsidian". This new album is contains 10 track that will punish you with high level Brutality. Their song structures is made complexity, more fresh and ferocious than previous album. Obsidian is new nightmare that delivered by Deutschland monster, just released via Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt.


Their new album is called "Sulphuric Omnipotence" is perfect terror of Blackened Death Metal. Strectching tremolo and crushing riffs bring creepy atmosphere that packed with modern sound and progressive songwriting structures. It's the third album of Fornicus and released by Negative Earth Records.


Indonesia is known as one of Brutal Death Metal music barometers in Asia, every year new talent always emerges from this land. Well, it's time i will introduce you Indonesian monster is called Chancroid, this group just released new debut album titled "Bestial Perverse of the Anomalies" that released via Brute! Productions. Uncompromize brutality that will punish you into blind torment.


Some band and musicians who have long slept decided to return this year, one of them is Australian Death Metal legend Abramelin. They like being called back to make new music after previously releasing last album in 2000 is called "Deadspeak". And now they are comeback with new album is called "Never Enough Snuff". Top notch Death Metal with some technicality touch in every song. It's one of best return in 2020.