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Review: Monumental Discharge - Unfathomable Defecation

I'm very excited when received their material early, Monumental Discharge is Denver Slamming Brutal Death Project that created by Guitarist Kevin Berstler (Ghost Spawn, Poisonous Wind, Liontortoise), Guitarist/Bassist Ibrahim Jimenez (Liontortoise, ex-Apotheon), Drumer Andrew Morris (Artheric, ex-Aphoteon), and Vocalist Reece Deeter (Vale Of Pnath, ex-Apotheon). They will release debut EP is called "Unfathomable Defecation" on August 21st, 2020.

I want recommend you this EP is banger and heavy, the slams is intense with modern sound, slap riffs, and fantastic vocal that make the music is more alive. This EP contains 7 songs that ready to beat you and tearing your mind with a relentless attack of brutality. Their mission is can help people find a joy in the modern times. So don't miss the EP that will released on August this year through their Bandcamp.