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Thætas sign in Maggot Stomp

New York Technical Brutal Death Metal outfit THÆTAS join forces with Maggot Stomp to release their debut album is called "Shrines of Absurdity" on June 26th, 2020.

This project is created on 2015 by Pat Hawkins, Terrel Grannum (Guitars), Nick Crifo (Drums), and Cory Monster (Bass/Vocals). They have released self-titled demo on 2016 and split album "Schizma/Ul-Thukt" with Haagenti on 2017. Their musicality is combined between the punishing Brutal Death Metal styles of Defeated Sanity, Disgorge and dissonance touch of Gorguts with a tech influence of Suffocation, Death, Cynic. 

The first track of this album will be premiered soon, can't wait and this releases definetely on my radar.