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Best Album of July 2020

1.Defeated Sanity - The Sanguinary Impetus (Willowtip Records)

An explosive album from beginning to end with a high level of complexity attacks that will punish your ears and brain.

2.Disavowed - Revocation of the Fallen (Brutal Mind Records)

Epic comeback from Dutch giants with sensational album that give you a real nightamare of merciless complex brutality.

3.Imperial Triumphant - Alphaville (Century Media Records)

The noise and complexity created in this album will anesthetize and bewitch you until you lose consciousness.

4.Ahtme - Mephitic (Unique Leader Records)

A continuation and refinement of the previous concept that offers new tastes that will sting you uncompromise.

5.Katalepsy - Terra Mortuus Est (Unique Leader Records)

Although it sounds different from their early album but on this album they don't lower the complexity, and a groove rhythm that reverberate will make you stagger and stumble.

6.Æpoch - The Scryer (Independent)

This records present lethal attacks with riffs that are fast, complex, and thick so that they don't give the listener a chance to sigh for a moment. A destructive guitar solos leaves a mark that is always ringing in the mind and hard to erase

7.Bedsore - Hypnagogic Hallucinations (20 Buck Spin Records)

The perfect combination of Progressive Death Metal with horrifying blackened, dark atmospheric and a thrilling doom vibration will drown you in an atmosphere of infinite silence.

8.Aseitas - False Peace (Independent)

The new recording features some unique compositions of unforgiving arrangement and unflinching subject matter with walls of sound reverberate and swirl with dark distortion that forcing the audience imagine wildly.

9.Buried Realm - Embodiment of the Divine (Independent)

A fantastic job that contains death collaboration creates a diversity of flavors in every track.

10.Denominate - Isochron (Independent)

Intelligence in songwriting so that it gives birth to extraordinary harmony makes this album one of the memorable ones out this year.