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Compile Reviews: 7/15/2020

Æpoch - The Scryer

Canadian Tech-Death Shredders Æpoch give listeners a heavy pummeling from what they offer on their new EP "The Scryer". They present lethal attacks with riffs that are fast, complex, and thick so that they don't give the listener a chance to sigh for a moment. A destructive guitar solos leaves a mark that is always ringing in the mind and hard to erase. This EP will be released in July 31st, 2020. So, I think for you Death metal maniacs really loss if you are skip this latest EP.

Aseitas - False Peace

The sophomore album from  Portland group Aseitas is a brutal face-melting experience. Titled False Peace, the new recording features some unique compositions of unforgiving arrangement and unflinching subject matter, as made evident by song titles such as “Spite/Sermon” and "Blood Into Oil”. These walls of sound reverberate and swirl with dark distortion that forcing the audience imagine wildly.

Hath - Hive (Reissue)

This guys always amaze me, undeniably I have become their big fans, since they released the first EP titled "Hive" in 2015, and this year they reissue this EP with a more magnificent sound packaging with a bonus new song called "Atropus". The choice of an interesting and enchanting tones made me not feel enough to just play their album once, they combined elements of progressive and blackened death metal with a sweet melodic solo guitar performances that always spoiled the audiences, this EP released by Willowtip Records.