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Compile Reviews: 7/26/2020

Vacant Eyes - A Somber Preclusion of Being (Independent)

Music can represent our feelings in certain circumstances or express our expressions when happy, angry, or sad. The debut album of Progressive/Funeral Death Doom Vacant Eyes "A Somber Preclusion of Be is a bridge to represent our sadness. The funeral Death Doom chants will bring us into a situation with deep sadness, and the Progressive touch on this album becomes a different style than others in this genre. This album talks about depression and hatred that increasingly bring us to sink into the rhythm produced. Varied songwriting makes this album very comfortable to enjoy. So, if you are looking for an album that can accompany your sadness, this album for you.

Odraza - Rzeczom (Godz Ov War Productions)

The second album of Duo Polish Black Metallers Odraza for me give a big surprise, the arrangements presented on this album are unique and caustic which makes me stunned to enjoy every detail of their music. The strains of beautiful tunes drugged me like they were brought into a great show. Rzeczom is one of the best works of the year, with its extremely aggressive drum use, great vocal performance that will never be imagined, riffs and melody structures that allow them to present Black metal much more hate-based and anger. I feel very lucky to be able to discover them and enjoy this amazing album.

Buried Realm - Embodiment of the Divine (Independent)

Buried Realm is one man Technical/Melodic Death Metal project created by the kind of multi instrumentalist Josh Dummer. He started the ideas in this project and release debut album on 2017, and this year the third album has released with more variety and some guest musicians to make this album more varified and sensational. A mix of Melodic Death Metal with Technical and Progressive tastes will shred your mind and cut your vein, and nice guitar solos will fly you to the cloud of dreams. Each guest brings their own uniqueness in each track, making this album has a more diverse taste and it's amazing