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Exist Comeback with New Album

Maryland Progressive/Technical Death Metal group Exist return with new album is called "Egoiista" that will be released on August 28th, 2020 via Prosthetic Records. Alongside with announcement the band has also released new single titled Spotlight's Glow for first warm-up. Egoiista blends extraordinary technical proficiency with eccentric arrangements; imbued with moments of fusion and atmospherics. One of the pinnacles of modern progressive metal.

Alex Weber (Bassist) statement:
Super stoked to announce that Exist will be releasing it’s third album Egoiista on August 28th thru Prosthetic Records! It’s kind of cliche, but I honestly think this is our best record so far and it feels great to finally start releasing it into the wild especially since most of these tunes were finished before So True So Bound was released. HUGE Thanks to everyone who was involved in putting this album together.. Anup Sastry, Mike Semesky, Gunter Ostendorp, Jonathan Merkel, Adam Bentley, Ermin Hamidovic, Sebastian Jerke

1.Through Suffering He Paints The Universe
2.The Lottery
3.Until The Storm Comes
4.Infinite Monkey Theorem 
5.Siblings Born Into Different Dimensions
7.Last Flight Looming
8.Spotlight's Glow
9.Amongst The Trees