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Premiere: Kekal - Quiet Eye (Official Music Video)

Indonesian Avant-Garde/Experimental Metal group Kekal return with new album is called "Quantum Resolution". Maybe this band is familiar to some people who always follow them, they are not a new band that started their career in metal music, they have been established since 1995, and have released 11 albums. And this new album for them is a celebration and commemorate its 25 anniversary as a band in the Extreme music scene.

Quantum Resolution is their twelfth album, on this album they include many elements to make their music more varied, such as Experimental, Avant-Garde, Progressive, and electronic music which are mixed in a unique arrangement. They aim to make their music acceptable to a wide audience not only in the extreme music scene. This album will be released on August 25th, 2020 via Eastbreath Records.

Today we are happy team up with them to premiere their video and single titled Quiet Eye taken from their upcoming album. So if you like Avant garde or Experimental music, you’ll definitely appreciate today’s video being premiered.

1.Quiet Eye
2.Spiritual Anarchism
3.Inward Journey
4.The Sleep System
8.Hidden No More
9.Apocalypse: Quantum Resolution
10.Pneumatic Union