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Review: Disavowed - Revocation of the Fallen (2020)

It took around 13 years to wait for them return, after being vacuum for a long time, finally Dutch Brutal Death Metal giants Disavowed will release new album is called "Revocation of the Fallen" on July 31st, 2020 via Brutal Mind. We should appreciate to the label, they have brought this monster to rise from his hermitage and have treated fans' longing for their new material.

Well, Disavowed really bring the nightmare through their new album, without a doubt they immediately pierce with a merciless blast beats, riffs that are fast and sharp will tear your ears and mind. Complex songstructures and catchy tone selection able to fill every space and then destroy it in one strike. The song like The Enlightened One, Revocation of the Fallen, and Egocentric Entity is a proof that this album really banger and horrible.

Revocation of the Fallen is a mass slaughter party that will drag and select you then bring to everlasting pain circle. I think it's one of best Brutal Death Metal masterpieces this year with top notch production. So if you like music that pump your adrenaline this album for you.