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Review: Kekal - Quantum Resolution (2020)

Formed in 1995, Indonesian Avant-garde/Experimental Progressive Metal outfit Kekal has been venturing deeply into the continous exploration in creating music for more than two decades. They have released 11 album, and just release new album is called "Quantum Resolution". The new album was marked as celebration of their 25th anniversary during radiating at extreme metal.

Quantum Resolution is an album from them that has a variety of music, the best blend of Avant-garde, Experimental, Progressive, Electronic and Trap Music. They try to offering something different taste than previous album, the song like Zoe, Hidden No More, Apocalypse: Quantum Resolution sound slightly different and more easy listening than other material.

Quantum Resolution is form of unlimited exploration for them, that will give you a great experience in your life. So if you fans of Avant-garde music, I really recomend this album to check it.

1.Quiet Eye
2.Spiritual Anarchism
3.Inward Journey
4.The Sleep System
8.Hidden No More
9.Apocalypse: Quantum Resolution
10.Pneumatic Union