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Review: Nythgraph - Communication

Hay friends, this time around I want introduce new band Nythgraph from Denver, Colorado. They are an Atmospheric/Ambient black metal project dedicated to the art of creation for the sake of active and participatory reflection on one’s position in the world which birthed us and which will also take us away. The musician compositions are rooted in minimalism and are melody driven. They would love for people to use Nythgraph’s music as background noise so everyone can engage in meditation or creative practices such as painting or writing.

This project created by my friend Kevin Berstler, he is the only one that play everything in this band, if you don't know him, he is composer of Ghost Spawn, Poisonous Wind, and part of band like Liontortoise and Monumental Discharge. In this project he try something different, the music is cold like a breeze in the morning, calm like a river that flows to an estuary point, and comfortable for the soundtrack to meditate and relaxation.

The debut album is called "Communication" will be released on August 21st, 2020.