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Premiere: Ghost Spawn - Phantasmagoric Spew

Denver based Progressive Death/Doom Metal project Ghost Spawn will release new EP is called Recollected Dismemberment on September 4th, 2020. The band build their music in the next level, combines old-school and modern progressive styles arranged in a dark and black music structure that is ready to immerse you in silence. And today we are happy team up with them to premiere one of single from their upcoming EP, this song titled Phantasmagoric Spew, cruel riffs will shred your mind and pierce your soul.

Talking about this single, Ghost Spawn said:
The song "Phantasmagoric Spew" closes the album with a relentless lust for reimagined creations that symbolize the grotesque nature of that which becomes being. Through progressive passages that fluctuate from one time signature to another, the listener can feel the frantic and sudden transition from a familiar position to a foreign one. As always, you can guarantee the presence of riffs, blasts, whammy bar wankery, and barks.

If you like this music you can buy here