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Review: Primitive Man - Immersion (2020)

Some strong releases drop this week, Colorado's trio Sludgy Death Doomers Primitive Man return with new album is called "Immersion". This album released by Relapse Records.

A distortion sound rumbled violently, and an agonizingly sluggish riff, like a painful feeling akin to the sharp edge of a rusty knife stabbing away. The exploding drum slowly shattered as its tempo was extremely dragging with the rare moment of taking off at breakneck speed to crash anything in front of it. Every song on this album is incredible, hitting, make goosebumps, and creepy as it shifts from doom pieces to an endless corridor of terrifying screams, loud explosions, and loud low notes.

Immersion appears as if deliver a sinister message that hints at sorrow and pain as if being stabbed with a rotten needle made ironically unbearable. Deep pain arises from inconsistency to endless sadness.