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Favorite Records of 2020: The Great Albums that Invigorating and Astonish the Brain of This Year

This year has been a hard and painful year, the main cause is Covid-19, but I try always have a positive mind in doing all the activities, mostly because of the music that gives me positive energy. And for this moment I want to share the music that I heard during this year. We all know that everyone has their own taste, there's no reason to talk and list things I didn't like here. My main focus is really to share what music I discover this year and would like to show and recommend you more killer musics in case you missed it and maybe didn't know about that, and maybe will become a few new favorites for everyone checking this article.

A lot of great musics that is invigorating until astonish the brain from all corners this year that I think deserve more attentions. Well, here I make a list of my favorite records (Albums and EPs) of all the albums that surprise and amaze me, and I have listened to repeatedly throughout this year. And this list I made purely because I only enjoy what I hear, I package and arrange it alphabetically. These albums are all worth listening to, and cover a huge range of styles and genres. You can stream each album by clicking the link from each title.

Okay, without further ado, let’s get going to check it!

And here my favorite EP:

Another albums that hit my soul :

Happy new year everyone, see you in 2021!!!