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Review: Zac Leaser - Ostiarius (2021)

Hallo everyone, i hope you guys are fine there. Okay, at the beginning of this year I wanted to continue my activities on this blog, after a few months I didn't write anything, now I'm starting to write again. This time I want to review a little about Zac Leaser's new album is called "Ostiarius" that released on January 1st, 2021. If you are not familiar with him, Zac Leaser is one man Technical Melodic Death Metal project from Fort Worth, Texas that started on 2015.

I've always preferred technical / melodic death metal than normal death metal. While I appreciate the skill involved in well-crafted brutality, I usually insist on having some sort of melody to follow or an atmosphere to get lost in. And on this fifth album, Zac Leaser again offers Technical Death metal music with so many melodic element that winning my heart and mind. Ostiarius contains 7 songs that are able to poison my imagination to get lost into all the dishes on this album, with powerful vocals and the occasional clean vocal part that can relax and cool my brain in the midst of torturous melodic music.

For me, Ostiarius is an extraordinary album, capable of arousing emotions, hypnotizing the mind, and immerse me in musical melodies that are neatly mixed in one arrangement. One thing I like on this album, the deadly guitar solo play makes me never stop listening this album. Well this album is the perfect start to this year which we hope is much better than before. If you like their music you can visit their Bandcamp to just stream or buy their music. Highly recomended album that deserves more attention.