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Favorite Albums of May 2021

It's the end of May, as usual I will share the albums that we think are quite attention-grabbing, okay without further ado, this is our list of the best albums of this month, worth checking out.

Alluvial - Sarcoma

Grandiose and marvellous progressive death metal album, solid from start to finish. Full of invigorate riffs, dazzling guitar solos, great vocals, and strong atmospheric with stunning productions. An album that will repeat in my playlist, really impressive.

Acausal Intrusion - Nulitas

Crushing debut album of this duos deliver insane Avant-garde/technical death metal with chaotic, dark and psychedelic riffs, intricate structures, brutal drumming, and terryfying vocals.


In Asymmetry - Ashes Of Dead Worlds

It's a vicious, intricate, and wild Technical brutal death metal album, full of chaos that resulting from sick riffs, some complex arpeggios, classic dark tremolos, fury melodies, and tight tempos that interwoven with ferocious vocals, pounding basses, and drums full of devastating blast beats played at terrifying velocity. Really solid music

Esoctrilihum - Dy'th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath

It's an epic and majestic masterpiece, deliver insane amalgamation of symphonic sounds within the unique blend of mystic black and experimental death metal with genius songwriting, dark atmosphere, dissonant structure, melodiously, luxurious, and irresistible.

Portal - Avow

It's dismal and sinister dissonant black/death album features chaotic riffs, insane vocal, eerie and harrowing atmospheres, unique structure, layered sound, and different songwriting as usual. The productions of this album is excellent, it's the top tier of dissonant music.

Ghastly - Mercurial Passages

It's the next level for their music, presents a more solid and magnificent musical composition, good production and songwriting. With slicing guitar riffs, piercing guitar solos, slashing basses, lurid vocals, thundering drums and a lot of eerie atmosphere. Sick album!

Hadit - With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path

Dark and mystical death metal that nicely blend with black metal, doom, and noise elements with dissonant song structure. A solid and emotional album, aggressive yet diverse and full of nuance. Really great album

Epiphanic Truth - Dark Triad: Bitter Psalms To A Sordid Species

Wow, this is an incredible debut album, they combines a variety of genres, from death metal, black metal, doom, avant-garde and psychedelic, along with elements of jazz, chamber, and ambient music. The structure is dissonant and unpredictable, smart songwriting, and the productions is wonderful. They are success make a glorious masterpieces with great craftmanship from each member. Really rich and stunning album.

Hundred Headless Horsemen - Apokalepsia

Oh man this music sound weird, it's like the Death Metal version of Oranssi Pazuzu, they make bizzare combination between progressive black metal, sludge, psychedelic, stoner, and death metal. Strange yet exciting!

Perverted Dexterity - Alacrity For Contemptuous Dissonance

It's a lunatic mixture of brutal death metal with elements of technical, slam, and dissonant death metal, along with great songwriting and production . It's a big step up from the previous materials, really sick album.

Terminalist - The Great Acceleration

A tremendous thrash metal that fused with blackened death metal, progressive rock, and technical elements, nice and tight riffs, fast tempos, solid drumming, harsh and growl vocals, and good productions. It's a hight quality of thrash metal album.

Yautja - The Lurch

This is an excellent album featuring daring, experimental, and merciless music where they combine grindcore, death metal, sludge, noise rock, punk, and hardcore into one form with dissonant structure. Surely it's an interesting, chaotic, and unique album.

Feed Them Death - Negative

This is an eccentric album, barbaricly combining the aggressiveness and speed of Grindcore with the grim sludge metal, and menacing doom metal, all set against a backdrop of Avantgarde metal and Dissonant death metal by offering ruthless guitar playing, exploding drums, powerful bass lines, and a vocal that describes lamentations and groans that are not harmonious.

Graveborn - Transmigrator

It's monstrous tech death album with sick riffs, dynamic tempo changes, some amazing solos, and great compositions where each song smoothly flows into the next songs, it's tasteful album

Dead And Dripping - Miasmic Eulogies Predicating an Eternal Nocturne

Weird, absurd, and intricate progressive death metal with strong old school vibes,  chaotic riffs and unpredictable song structure. Need more attention

Adarrak - Ex Oriente Lux

Fantastic album, exhibit nice progressive/melodic death metal with punishing riffs, memorable guitar solos, variety vocal style, great songwriting, and good productions. Yummy

Let's see what will happen next month, see you ya!