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Favorite Albums Of June 2021

It's the end of June, as usual I will share the albums that we think are amazing, okay without further ado, this is our list of the best albums of this month, worth checking out.

Alustrium - A Monument to Silence

It's marvelous prog-death album with intense, complex riffs and soulful-touching solos, solid vocal, and grandiose songwriting. They demonstrate a unique and creative blend between sweet melody and fierce technicality that creates unique form of progressive death metal.

Fractal Universe - The Impassable Horizon

An excellent progressive metal that blend with technical death metal and jazz into one comprehesive form, with incredible riffs, sexy saxophone, mind-blowing songwriting, and the choice of vocals is still using a mix of clean and harsh as they did in their previous albums. This is an original and different stuffs in extreme metal. Really impressive album.

Siderean - Lost on Void's Horizon

A progressive death metal album that showcasing stunning guitar work that’s both eerie and perplex, crushing drum playing, pummeling bass performances, and great vocals. The music is often disturbingly hallucinatory in its passionate, minor-key guitar plot, attacking and punishing. Great album.

Cathexis - Untethered Abyss

An unique and forward thinking technical death metal that blend with dissonant and modern twist, tight and solid riffs, great production, and superb songwriting. A satisfying albums.

Code - Flyblown Prince

An intense and original album, musically is the mature mix of Black metal with strong progressive, sweet melodic, avant-garde, and death metal vibes with stunning and genius songwriting. Cinematic, magnificient, beautiful, and glorious album, really love it.

Seputus - Phantom Indigo

New another project of Pyrrhon member, in this album they innovate in composing extreme music which is manifested in progressive death metal compositions with strong avant garde and experimental sense, challenging guitar riffs and smashing drum playing, vicious vocals, and electrifying bass. This album takes the listener on a mind-bending and psychological with genious musicality.

Hannes Grossmann - To Where The Light Retreats

It's dazzling technical/progressive death metal solo album of Hannes Grossmann that feature some great musicians, he is back with material more heavy and crushing, with killer songwriting and great productions, amazing album.

Pestilence - Exitivm

Again, they are come back with new badass album, delivers great technical death metal with strong thrash vibes as their trademark, this album have awesome productions accentuate solid riffs, catchy vocals, sick drumming, and excellent guitar solos. A lot of old school vibes that combined with some modern twist and sci-fi atmospheres here and there, it's an outstanding album.

Grotesque Hysterectomy - Dødsavantgard

Killer death metal album, musically it's like a semi-brutal death with strong technical and dissonant touches, chaotic and weird riffs, good varied vocals, and stunning drum work. Strange but extraordinary at the same time tormenting.

Mother Of All - Age Of The Solipsist

This is a fantastic death metal debut album, with portentous melodic, gallant progressive elements, and excellent pacing. The songs are well-written and good production. It's diverse, quick, and heavy, full of melody and aggression. The mix is well-balanced, rich and lively, but otherwise a very enjoyable album, need more attention.

Crimson Dimension - Crimson Dimension

An extraordinary black metal/death metal records, epic and progressive in every way, this album composed by the passages of aggressive extremity in balance with the melodic, atmospheric, symphonies, and untamed emotion. Wrapping the captivating riffs, stunning solos, husky screams, lovely dynamics, and savage drums. A grandiose album.

Nephren-Ka - From Agony To Transcendence

An original brutality that present to assault uncompromize and merciless, with fast tempos, jolting riffs, prominent drumming, ferocious vocals, ruthless songwriting, and great technical touches. Savage and wild album.

Avtotheism - The Sleeper Awakens

This album make me goosebumps, a mix of extremely punishing death metal and black metal darkness, with heavy and dark riffs, tense atmospheres, and furious vocals. Really amazing album.

Withered - Verloren

It's an emotional blackened death metal album, with intense riffs, disturbing atmospheres, tortured vocals, and tremendous material that an evolution of their previous materials, great album.

Crypt Crawler - Future Usurper

It's solid album, a nice blend of old school and progressive death metal with modern twist, crunchy riffs, and stunning guitar solos, good album.

Orbital Element - Celestials Damage

This album demonstrates a complex amalgam of technical and progressive death metal with some ethnic touches, thrilling and fast guitar riffs, stunning solos, intricate bass lines, incredible drumming, and great vocals. Really astonishing album.