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Favorite Albums of August 2021

It's the end of August, as usual I will share the albums that I think are amazing that based on my taste, okay without further ado, this is my list of the best albums of this month, worth checking out.

Ænigmatum - Deconsecrate

An intelligent and creative mix of melody, dissonance, blackened, aggression, and technicality in the form of magnificent death metal with dark harmonies, elegant melodies, complex dual guitar works, beautiful bass tones, intense drums, and solid vocals. The album is proof that death metal is not completely mastered, because musicians like them are able to produce sounds and auras that have not been discovered by many, there is still much things left to dig up on the death metal genre. Really promising and impressive album.

Burial In The Sky - The Consumed Self

It's a grandiose progressive death metal album demonstrate a fantastic music that interwoven from a series of tones created by magic guitar riffs, strong technical wizardry, psychedelic elements, varied vocals, and some sexy saxophones. The songwriting is extraordinary and the productions is fuckin amazing with high craftmanship of the members. The invigorating album that will have well place in the heart and mind of technical diehard.

Diskord - Degenerations

It's an eccentric death metal album. Their music is wonderful blend from best elements of old school, dissonant, technical, and progressive death metal with twisted riffs, unpredictable structure, powerful vocals, catchy drumming. No more words to describe this album but stunning and invigorating album, i'm getting amazing experience and sensations when listen this album.

Devoid Of Thought - Outer World Graves

Exceptional death metal album that perfectly mix with technical, dissonant, atmospheric, and old school influences. Forward thinking songwriting and great productions. This stuff make me addictive and will spin it again and again.

Fleshbore - Embers Gathering

Aggressive and intricate technical death metal album, loaded with fast guitar riffs, wild and beast vocals, crushing drums, and pummeling bass lines. This is a combination of velocity and complexity in the high level with outstanding songwriting and incredible productions.

Cesspool Of Corruption - Requiems of The Ignominious

Some high paced death metal with a technical, progressive, and melodic flare, really outstanding songwriting and fascinating guitar solos. It's a mind-bending and heartcatching album with great productions.

Headshrinker - Callous Indifference

An unconventional amalgam of death metal and black metal with progressive and technical elements woven within it along with chunky riffs, dark atmospheres, pummeling drums, and murky vocals that packaged in complex structure music. An album that got me addict in a mix of sick tones in it that made me unable to stop enjoying the dishes they offer, really good blackened death metal stuffs.

Qrixkuor - Poison Palinopsia

A great conceptual album, which blasts dissonance from start to finish in the form of nightmarish death metal. Loading dark and gloomy guitar riffs, eerie vocals, crushing drums, sinister atmospheres, and vicious layered sounds. This album contains 2 long songs that a lot of scary moments that make goosembumps and hypnotic in the same time, really good records.

Dagtum - Revered Decadence

It's incredible debut album, this band deliver quality death metal with doomy dissonance tones, progression chords, psychedelic and post metal influences, slow and heavy riffs, and solid vocals, everything packaged on unique form. Really interesting album.

White Stones - Dancing Into Oblivion

This is an unique and well written proggressive death metal album with intricate, heavy, and tight riffs, prominent bass, a bunch of crazy leads, massive dynamics, haunting vocals, and a sweet touches of jazz elements. With this album make this project goes further down the path of progressive extreme metal, really solid.

Our Place Of Worship Is Silence - Disavowed, and Left Hopeless

An unorthodox blackened death metal album, full of chaotic riffs, vigorous drumming, and ruthless vocals, and dissonant song structure. Hellish, cruel, and fierce stuffs.

Utopia - Stalker

There's a joy in this diverse and amazing death metal record that's hard to explain, musically it's sound like when technical death metal, progressive, mathcore, experimental, and sludge metal melted in one form, making superb, complex, and unpredictable structure. Really adventurous, invigorating, and stunning album.

Arcane Sanctuary - Astraios' Calling

Fast, soulful, and memorable technical death metal that integrated with elements of progressive, melodic, and black metal. The productions are great and the songwriting are incredible. Surely it's a nice album that deserve to checking out, spin, and support.

Sun Of The Suns - TIIT

This is truly good stuff, Italian death metal with intense atmospheric touches, groovy parts, catchy riffs, solid vocals, beautiful bass works, crushing drums, technical songwriting, and bombastic sound. This is a stunning album.

Arcane Existence - Colossus

This album describes like a magnificent and beautiful theatrical performance, filled with epic and dramatic music interwoven from magnificent orchestration, strong keyboards, complex riffs, crushing drums, and varied vocals. All packaged into a fantastic symphonic black/death metal music with elements of gothic and technical death metal. Really amazing and memorable.

Pillars Of Cacophony - Parerga

An intimidating blackened death metal album, that came with tight progressive embrace and a monstrous dissonance bursting, dances together into a cruel and devastating musical unity. An album that full of emotion, anger, and hatred that is depicted through eerie vocals, dark guitar riffs, also heavy drums. Not bad for their first effort, I think this is a solid album, I will back to consume it again.