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Favorite Albums Of September 2021

It's the end of September, as usual I will share the albums that I think are amazing that based on my taste, okay without further ado, this is my list of the best albums of this month, worth checking out.

Inferi - Vile Genesis

This is a prodigious album, the king are back with new fantastic masterpieces, deliver sensational technical death metal with perfect melodies, killer riffs, astonishing guitar solos, incredible bass works, monstrous vocals, and torturing drums. Superb musicalities from each members, beautiful songwriting, and top notch productions. They are always stunning, glorious, and amazing as usual.

Cognizance - Upheavel

Oh fuck, this new stuff is really nuts. Present beautiful technical death metal with fast, tight, and heavy riffs, stunning melodies, glorious dynamics, gorgeous songwriting, and prodigious productions. I'm really blown with their musicality since their first stuffs, with great musicianship and by this album they growth and going into the next level.

Rivers Of Nihil - The Work

Holy fuckin shit, it's an album that I have been waiting for a long time, finally they are back with a magnificent and emotional album that composed with beautiful notes that flow, penetrate, and permeate the heart and mind. This album presents an extraordinary death metal performance, a mix of sublime progressive elements, serene melodies, and luxurious atmosphere. It's a glorious masterpiece that hit god-tier of death metal, really mindblowing album.

Replicant - Malignant Reality

It's a death metal sounding that supremely dissonant, technical, and groovy, also simply unique in it's execution, they've honed their style made a sound that's nigh unmatched and also devastating. Super catchy and exciting album.

Virial - Transhumanism

It's really good album, providing technical death metal with good compositions, dark and heavy riffs, amazing guitar solos, beautiful bass tones, solid vocals, and pummeling drums. Love this album, surely this is one of outstanding releases that come this month.

Deformatory - Inversion Of The Unseen Horizon

It's massive complex brutality, punishing and devastating with technical power in every ways. Along with Intricate guitar works, pummeling drums, pounding bass, and gruesome vocals. Really sick and heavy canadian tech death album.

Infiltrated Mankind - Inside The Apelike

Solid and energetic technical death metal with hypnotize guitar riffs, overawe melodies, heavy grooves, weighty brutality, excellent drums, punching bass, stunning vocals, and a variety high speed. Ahh it's an album that enough to invite my admiration, really cool.

Veilburner - Lurkers In the Capsule of Skull

It's mind-bending blackened death metal, with chaotic and unique guitar works, dark atmosphere, dissonant and experimental structure, and highly unpredictable. It takes a healthy mind to be able to digest their music.

Beyond Grace - Our Kingdom Undone

What a beautiful music, fantastic and mind-bending prog-death album, blending strong technical, sweet melodies, cerebral intimacy, and sheer brutality with aggressive structure and stunning songwriting. Really impressive also crushing.

Michel Anoia - Nervures

An unorthodox technical death metal that blend with elements of dissonant, experimental, black metal, grindcore, and even mathcore. Their music structure is chaotic, come with complex riffs, monstrous vocals, and crushing drums. It's incredible album, really recommend for you that love crazy stuffs.

Vitrified Entity - Eternal Vitreous Dissolve

Oh man it's like a virtuoso show on neo classical tech-death music, every instrument stands on its own merits without detracting from the other players. Classy and beautiful riffs, outstanding bass tone, and mind-blowing guitar solos. It's absolutely stunning instrumental album that I listen in the recent times, really love it, and surely i'll be back.

Defacement - Defacement

Fantastic blackened dissonant death metal with some really sick atmosphere and psychedelic touches. This is a perfect balance of aggression, technicality, dissonance, and melody. The songwriting are outstanding, really insane album.

Vulvodynia - Praenuntius Infiniti

Oh man they are back with new album that more heavy and complex. The combination of slam, modern tech death, and deathcore become their mainstay on this album with hideous riffs, shredding blast beats, fearsome vocals, and thunderous bass enough to induce a deeply pain. Love this productions, really great album.

Antediluvian - The Divine Punishment

An abstract, dark, and experimental black / death album, that built by chaotic and dissonant riffs, layered sound, howling drums, rampage bass, and vicious vocals. A powerful album that crush the mind and feeling.

Wharflurch - Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell

It's a seductive album, deliver qualified old school death metal with elements of doom, progressive, and psychedelic, they present murky riffs, nasty vocals, gloomy atmospheres, and pummeling drums.

Broken Glass Sanctuary - A Kingdom Below

A solid technical death metal with strong brutal and melodies influences, groovy, and it slaps hard. Composed with aggressive guitars riffs, some incredible guitar solos, tight vocal, and crushing drums to keep things going insane. This is quite good, with decent dynamics, great recomendation if you like heavy stuffs.