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Favorite Albums of November 2021

Hello guys, now it's the end of November, really stunning month, a lot of great album have been released. Okay, as usual in every end month I will share the albums that I think are amazing that based on my taste, okay without further ado, this is my list of the best albums of this month, worth checking out.

Obscura - A Valediction

It's a sensational album, the master are return with glorious masterpiece, demonstrate stunning progressive technical death metal music with a lot of melodic approach. Along with snazzy riffs, flattering guitar solos, swinging bass works, pushing drums, and relentless vocals. Outstanding skills from each member, prodigious songwritting, and top notch productions. They truly shred and crushing my mind with their musicality, really classy music.

Vertebra Atlantis - Lustral Purge In Cerulean Bliss

Wonderful and furious blackened death metal with a dissonant, chaotic, and complex edge, also bring dark atmosphere. Along with devastating guitar riffs, psychedelic arpeggios, vicious vocals, and crushing drums. It's fucking awesome, a powerful album that annihilates all will, give the listener a melancholy and strong impression that lingers for a long time in the bottom of their heart, really stunning album.

Gold Spire - Gold Spire

An interesting and unique blend of death metal with progressive rock and smooth jazz that executed creatively with dark and melancholic tones, chilling piano, and mystifying saxophone. Really invigorating album with stunning songwriting and productions.

Noise Trail Immersion - Curia

It's ambitious amalgam of Dissonant black metal, mathcore, and post metal with bleak atmospheres and a lot of emotional moments. In this new album the songwriting are more mature and conceptual, they present dark and gloomy riffs, eerie vocals, and powerful drums. This album offering a great taste with perfect satisfaction.

Firelink - The Inventerate Fire: Rekindled

It's epic, dark, and melancholic melodic black/death metal with technical and progressive elements. The new taste, remake, and new form of their debut album, this moment come with new different vocals, and live drums. An album that really blow my mind and soul, always good and amazing.

Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Noktvrn

It's a grandiose and prodigious album, delivers a monumental, epic, and luxurious progressive black metal. The sound are unique, the songwriting are brilliant, and the productions are incredible. I think it is the darkest and most emotional offering from them than before, and undoubtly it's really superb album.

The Temple - The Temple

It's an album that stole my attention, deliver dark, focused, and devastating black/death metal that relentlessly strikes with weighty and inharmonious guitar riffs, ruthless vocals, and torturous drumming. In this album also peppered with dissonant touches, searing nuances, and unpredictable textures.

Plebeian Grandstand - Rien ne suffit

It's crazy, unique, and exciting album, they are successful to blend avant-garde black metal with elements of hardcore, noise, jazz, electronica, experimental, and death industrial into a sick music form that always unpredictable, chaotic, and amazing. This is absolutely invigorating and astonishing, truly sinister music pushing the boundaries of modern heavy music with nightmarish sounscapes.

Voices - Breaking the Trauma Bond

In this album they have combined all the creative parts of their dark musical and produced a rich, murky, cinematic, and exciting album that embracing black metal, death metal, progressive, avant-garde, and post punk. An album that arouses many emotions and offers a different journey, and new vibes when listen it , really amazing.