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Favorite Albums Of October 2021

What's up everyone, I hope you all are fine and always healthy. Now it's the end of October, really amazing month, a lot of great album have been released. Okay, as usual in every end month I will share the albums that I think are amazing that based on my taste, okay without further ado, this is my list of the best albums of this month, worth checking out.

First Fragment - Gloire Éternelle

What a grandiose album, the master are back with fuckin amazing masterpiece, deliver beautiful music that packaged on killer technical death metal with perfect neo-classical touches and power metal inspired. Along with sweet riffs, mind-blowing guitar solos, flamenco section, stunning bass works, bombasting drums, and aggressive dual vocals. Incredible craftmanship from each member, glorious songwritting, and top notch productions. It's more sick from my expectation, they truly shred and devastating my mind with their musicality, and this album hit and reach the top tier of technical death metal album.

Archspire - Bleed The Future

A stunning album, the titans are back with new classy music. As usual they demonstrate high standard technical death metal that blend velocity, aggressiveness, and top notch songwriting. Attacking with heavy, fast, super complex, crushing, and tight riffs in every part in this album. Really amazing album that easily reach the god-tier of tech-death and providing us one of the best releases this year.

Deviant Process - Nurture

Holy shit, this band are back with glorious album, deliver superb technical death metal music with captivating guitar works and incredible songwriting. This album not only present technical death metal maturity, but they also explore foreign elements like fusion, jazz, old progressive, and latin folk that meets with british prog. Really impressive and stunning album, i'm blown with their musicality from start til end of this album.

Sunless - Ylem

Yeah, it's an outstanding dissonant death album, features a prominent and euphonious dissonant tones, diverse and dense technical guitar riffs, great melodies, complex songwriting, and bellowing and roaring growl vocals. Really a great and magnificent album, one of best dissonant offerings of this year.

Atræ Bilis - Apexapien

It's fierce and complex, on this album they combine all best elements of death metal like technicality, melodies, dissonance, progressivism, and experimental with slightly black metal feeling. Present intricate and tight riffs, dark atmosphere, savage guttural vocals, and crushing drums. All arranged together with a high focus, smart songwriting, and stunning productions. Really devastating album with complete packages.

Be'lakor - Coherence

It's an epic album, the maestro are back with new stunning masterpieces, demonstrate melodic death metal with strong progressive influences and slightly atmospheric elements. Along with some truly excellent riffs, some piano accompaniment, the beastly growls, and enjoyable drums. All music written very well with amazing productions. No doubt, it's one of best melodic death metal album that I heard in recent times.

Épiphanie - L'aube

What amazing album, musically a blend of progressive rock with traditional death metal that executed with unique and interesting guitar riffs, incredible bass work, catchy drums, and varied vocal. The songwriting are really brilliant, different than another that I listen in recent times. It's a complete package album that offer a melancholy, cinematic, beautiful, sweet, and even sick music in the one form. Oh guys, you make a great masterpiece that I believe will stand out in a long time, really love this work.

Thulcandra - A Dying Wish

The long awaiting finally is over, they are back with fantastic masterpieces. This album deliver beautiful blackened death metal with a lot of gloomy melodies, dark and cold soundscapes, dramatic and freezing riffs, grim growls, and powerful drums that drawn with epic mid-tempos and a rich songwriting. It’s an accolade to classic death metal, performed with proficient skills of every members.

Mortem Obscuram - Eradication of The Human Endeavor

Magnificent and prodigious, this album offering sweet technical death metal with strong bandage of symphonic, orchestra, and melodic. Presenting catchy and epic riffs, mesmerizing guitar solos, beautiful keyboard and bass tones, solid vocal, and intense blast beats. Seriously, it's an amazing album, I will back to check this gems again.

Xenosis - Paralleled Existence

It's unique blend of brutality, technicality, groove, and progressive elements into one classy death metal compositions that blown my mind. Really amazing album from start to the end, will nothing disappointed to check this gems.

Conjureth - Majestic Dissolve

Stunning old school style death metal that blend with elements of thrash and technical here and there. This album offering energetic and attractive guitar riffs, putrid and nasty vocals, crushing and aggressive drums with good productions and creative songwriting.

Cenotaph - Precognition To Eradicate

Unrelenting and intense brutality, the Turkish legend are back with new album as a weapon that ready to blast everything. They bombard with heavy, complex, and weighty riffs, vicious vocals, and punishing drums. Their music stays upright and defiant as usual, surely I will back to checking this beast again.

Prophetic Scourge - Gnosis - A Sorrower's Odyssey

Wow, this is really fantastic records. The compositions are dynamic, complex, groovy and engaging with solid vocals, and killer drums. It's brutal technical death metal with strong progressive elements. The performances are full of life and the production is incredible. Really great album.

Worm - Foreverglade

It's a dark and gloomy death doom metal album that creating an atmosphere of despair that is engulfed in sadness with full of harrowing moment. Delivered through cold chords, eerie trembling tones, terrifying growls, melodies moaning and crying, cruel riffing, pounding drum beats, murky guitar and bass rhythms, and grisly guitar solo. Really a sick album.

Begat The Nephilim - II: The Grand Procession

A soulful blackened death metal with epic melodies, good dynamics, sweet symphonic, and a layer of technical elements. The riffs are interesting with the melodies have heart, and the production is engrossing. This one is beautiful, comfortable, and fresh. I'll be back to listen it.

Norse - Ascetic

It's contemporary combination between dissonance, experimental, and aggressive of black metal with harsh vocal, characteristic riffs, unique sound, and devastating drums. An intense and venomous black metal album that defies the trends.

Crystal Coffin - The Starway Eternal

A wonderful and invigorating progressive melodic black metal album, it's an epic masterpiece that present exploration of cosmic, hopelessness, and defeat. Along with beautiful guitar works, melancholy keyboard plays, haunting melodies, pummeling bass, eerie vocals, and devastating drums. The songwriting are brilliant, and the productions are incredible, really solid album that deserves more attentions.

Apparition - Feel

An incredible album, showing a combination of death metal with strong elements of doom metal and slightly progressive influences, along with dark and dragging riffs, nasty vocals, punishing drums, and heavy bass tones. The songwriting are solid and the productions are great. This album bring a bleak atmosphere that terroring everytime when this music are playing. Seriously, it's a great album, need more spin to get more satisfaction.

Sulphurous - The Black Mouth of Sepulchre

A gruesome death metal with bold technicality and vicious old school tastes. Come and packaged with dark riffs, solid vocals, and varied drums works. Really great album with sick songwriting.

Huronian - As Cold As A Stranger Sunset

Soft yet dangerous, cruel and punishing. This album combine blackened death metal with a ton of beautiful and epic melodic also old-school touches. Present dark and aggressive riffs, vicious vocals, and excellent drumming. It's an awesome album.

Aeon - God Ends Here

The Swedish master are return with stunning album, as usual they deliver powerful death metal with tight and fast riffs, angry and hateful vocals, aggressive drums, and incredible productions. It will be a masterpiece for a long year, really great album.

Cognos - Cognos

A unique blend of progressive metal, technical, avant-garde metal, and death metal. All compositions formulated into addictive music that poisoning and virusing the minds. An interesting and surprising offering that need more attentions.

She Said Destroy - Succession

Definitely complex, varied, and challenging album, that offering a great combination of black metal, progressive, post metal, shoegaze, technical, melodic death metal, etc. All of these things come together to create a dynamic and engaging album with wonderful ideas and brilliant songwriting. I get something different and nice experience after listening this album, so you should try to check this one.

Bizarre - Invocation Codex

Obscure, savage, and aggressive death metal with some vicious vocals, tasty riffing, and crushing drums. It's a nice and killer stuffs, worth it to check this one.

Reaping Asmodeia - Darkened Infinity

Solid and catchy tech death with strong modern twists. The songwriting is quite creative and shows tremendous potential for this group, the riffs are quite good and varied, making this a worthwhile listen.