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Highlights: My Favorite Albums of 2021

2021 for me is a crazy, dazzling, and enchanting year for metal music, many albums that are outstanding, astonishing, stunning, and even invigorating this year. Every day, every week, and every month, there was always cool music that I listened to in various styles and genres. Some are familiar and some are new to me, and of course they all have own uniqueness and distinct sensations to listen, I believe that music has the power to change our mood and emotions, so for me music is a good friend in all conditions.

Okay, this time I will share some albums that I think are captivating and hard to miss. At first I tried to make this list as simple as possible, but I found a trouble narrowing it down. After listening several times finally I decided to make 400 albums that I thought were extraordinary releases this year, I didn't care about so many albums being on my list, because everyone has their own choices, so I think this is still reasonable.

Before going any further, I reiterate that my choice is based on taste, not which the best or the worst. So here I'm not sharing what's not my taste, because everyone has their own taste, so please don't argue about it. And I'm sorry if you didn't find your favorite album on this list, yeah because maybe we have different tastes. Here I am going to list in alphabetical order, you can stream each album by clicking links from each title. I hope from these list can lead you a new music discoveries.

OK, without further ado, let's check it out!!!

It's offensive and aggressive album, creates a great variation of blackened death metal that accented by dramatic soundscapes and unsettling melodies also spiced with elements of sludge and doom. Pretty impressive and interesting, i will back to spin this opus.

What an incredible of this tech/prog death album. I think this album is new level and improvement of their musicality. After a long absence without a new album, they are back with all their heart, with shredding solos, heavy riff, twists and turns all the way, tempo changes, intricate drum played, and sick guest spot. I guarantee this album will keep them at the forefront of your brain without a doubt.

It's been 9 long years since their last masterpiece, and finally they are back with new album that blend intricated and varied riffs, thick grooves, painful blast beats to heavy vocals that have been engraved on this album that explains that they are the undisputed kings of modern slam brutal death metal.

I think this album have something fresh and more innovative, still hard and have intense amount of brutality as usual, but they also add more technicality hints, pretty melodic leads, and even darker tone than before to create strong and powerful sound. A solid and wonderful album with super productions.

The composition of death metal that mixed with a bleak atmosphere, tense doom metal, and cruel black metal, along with dark and dissonant guitar riffs, monstrous vocals, and oppressive drumming, also some pretty nightmarish soundscapes, that can spread to the brain to oppress and confuse the mind. It's crazy stuffs, pretty impressive with this guys.

Crushing debut album of this duos deliver insane Avant-garde/technical death metal with chaotic, dark and psychedelic riffs, intricate structures, brutal drumming, and terrifying vocal.
It's a stunning album, Progressive death/thrash metal blend with technical and strong jazz influences. Lots of impressive guitar, amazing bass, varied vocal, great drum, interesting solos, and unique style. Love the production this whole album, killer stuff.

They are come back and making something even more fresh in terms of composition, music structure and sound. From their hermitage, they produced a very layered and complex musical pattern where each instrument was outstanding in its entirety. Both the concept of harmony and melody has created in this album brought out an eerie atmosphere that make me goosebumps. Great work and I must admit, this album is one of best album this year, undeniable.

Fantastic album, exhibit nice progressive/melodic death metal with punishing riffs, memorable guitar solos, variety vocal style, great songwriting, and good productions. Yummy.

An intelligent and creative mix of melody, dissonance, blackened, aggression, and technicality in the form of magnificent death metal with dark harmonies, elegant melodies, complex dual guitar works, beautiful bass tones, intense drums, and solid vocals. The album is proof that death metal is not completely mastered, because musicians like them are able to produce sounds and auras that have not been discovered by many, there is still much things left to dig up on the death metal genre. Really promising and impressive album.

The Swedish master are return with stunning album, as usual they deliver powerful death metal with tight and fast riffs, angry and hateful vocals, aggressive drums, and incredible productions. It will be a masterpiece for a long year, really great album.

Oh man, it's a beautiful melodic death metal that influenced by elements of Scandinavian death metal and Slavic traditional music, that blend with elements of symphonic and modern death metal. Along with blistering and speedy riffs, thrilling melodies, epic synths, solid guttural vocals, fierce screams, and incredible drums. It's an impressive album with stunning songwriting and outstanding productions.

Wow, this is an amazing album, a space black metal music that combined with the strong progressive influence and softness of jazz. Provides extraordinary experience like a journey to the strange planet that full of deadly rituals.

It's a gorgeous, lunatic, and torturous Avant-Garde Black/Death metal album with horror feel, so many complex changes, intrinsic chord structures, and feints woven together with saddened rhythm tension to evoke a feeling of uncertainty. Really engaging album.

It's an awesome mix of technical and tight riffs, angular rhythms, proggy structures, and weirdly compelling hooks with great vocal, sick drumming, and stunning productions. Really nice album.
A magnificent, lovely, and gorgeous black metal album with sweet dynamics, aggressive vocals, dark and heavy riffs, and thunderous drums. Also a lot of strong post metal and progressive elements in this album. Wonderful records.

An exceptional death metal album with a blackened / symphonic feel, strong middle eastern influences, epic riffs, tremendous melodic solos, a really heavy bass sound, damn good drum, and more explore songwriting. This album is no doubt the best album of them than ever.

Grandiose and marvellous progressive death metal album, solid from start to finish. Full of invigorate riffs, dazzling guitar solos, great vocals, and strong atmospheric with stunning productions. An album that will repeat in my playlist, really impressive.

It's a music that is not easily digested by the casual listeners, the music is dark, noisy, and frantic with chaotic guitar riffs, torture blasting drumming, and sick vocals. Really oppressive and crushing album.

It's marvelous prog-death album with intense, complex riffs and soulful-touching solos, solid vocal, and grandiose songwriting. They demonstrate a unique and creative blend between sweet melody and fierce technicality that creates unique form of progressive death metal.

They have returned after a 7-year hiatus with a new album, combining maximalist Industrial Black Metal ballast, distracting cinematic ambient / noise textures, processed violins, terrifying acoustics, and circuit-twisted electronics into one unconformist, dissonant, dynamic Death Metal package, and torn apart electronically.

It's a wonderful prog-death album with strong technical and melodic elements, along with chunky riffs, beautiful guitar solos, tasty bass line, punishing drums, and solid vocal. Absolutely killer stuffs that shred my mind.
Oh shit, this album really fucking dope. Some delicious brutal stuff with slam and some technical riffs, sick vocal and pummeling drum that crushed my ears and deliver some pain into the brain. This is solo project of young man Nikhil Talwalkar, give this dude some love, he's writing and executing every instrument with natural craftmanship.

This album is really wild and wonderful, blending a lot of element like Deathgrind, Mathcore, Technical, and Progressive Metal. It's solo project of multi instrumentalist April Hutchins who wrote songs well and wisely in this album. Although there is not much dynamics as a whole, but this album is an outstanding album that deserve more attention and should not be ignored.

Extremely interesting technical death metal, fusing a pretty unique blend of melodic styles together into a dynamic and enjoyable whole. The guitar riffs are creative and tight, the guitar solos are stunning, the vocal is solid, and drums support the music well. The productions are incredible and the mix is fairly good. There's a engaging variety of this album, making it easy to keep on repeat.

An abstract, dark, and experimental black / death album, that built by chaotic and dissonant riffs, layered sound, howling drums, rampage bass, and vicious vocals. A powerful album that crush the mind and feeling.

A fun album, featuring a combination of melodic and progressive death metal with catchy riffs, beautiful guitar solos, solid vocals, and intense drums.
Dark, deep, melancholic, and progressive death/doom metal album with good productions, worth to checking out.
A dazzling debut records of Canadian tech death group, they deliver some heavy and tight riff, dynamic rhythms, and punishing and torturing guitar solos that blend with vicious vocals. This records is really brilliant.

An incredible album, showing a combination of death metal with strong elements of doom metal and slightly progressive influences, along with dark and dragging riffs, nasty vocals, punishing drums, and heavy bass tones. The songwriting are solid and the productions are great. This album bring a bleak atmosphere that terroring everytime when this music are playing. Seriously, it's a great album, need more spin to get more satisfaction.

It's invigorating black metal album with a rich of beautiful atmospheric and strong progressive elements, also sweet classical vibes that arranged with complex and incredible compositions that will drown you with intoxicating musics. This is an impressive album not to miss out on, very well done.

This album describes like a magnificent and beautiful theatrical performance, filled with epic and dramatic music interwoven from magnificent orchestration, strong keyboards, complex riffs, crushing drums, and varied vocals. All packaged into a fantastic symphonic black/death metal music with elements of gothic and technical death metal. Really amazing and memorable.

Fast, soulful, and memorable technical death metal that integrated with elements of progressive, melodic, and black metal. The productions are great and the songwriting are incredible. Surely it's a nice album that deserve to checking out, spin, and support.

Oh man, what an incredible album, the titans are back with new classy music. As usual they demonstrate high standard technical death metal that blend velocity, aggressiveness, and top notch songwriting. Attacking with heavy, fast, super complex, crushing, and tight riffs in every part in this album. Really amazing album that easily reach the god-tier of tech-death and providing us one of the best releases this year.

It's amazing and engaging combination of Progressive death metal with sludge music that played with comfortable and unique tones. Really impressive records.
This album delivers some massive brutality that come with heavy and chuggy riffs, some dissonant and technical touches, aggressive growl vocals, and blasting drums with high energy. Pure sick and disgusting album.
This album is a presentation of exquisite and luxurious melodic death metal that interwoven with an unique modern thrash touches, executed with a sweet, tight and intense riffs followed by breathtaking and invigorating guitar solos with complex structure and nice dynamics.

A really pleasant technical death metal album with plenty of heavy, thick, and catchy guitar riffs, solid vocals, and stab drums. The song structure is unpredictable, sometimes heavy, sometime fast, sometimes sound slow, but overall it's a fun album, needs multiple listens to fully digest.

It's surprising and invigorating album, they added some progressive rock influences in this album, and i think its fit really well in the mix of their arrangement. You know they are Swedish melodic death metal masters, and with this album once again they proved that title is still very suitable for them to bear it. Really impressive and memorable music.

It's slap, enormous, and catchy Tech-Death album, with Brutal and Deathcore elements. Fast and complex riffs really blow my mind, this album deserves to be included in the ranks of your collection, Tech Death music lovers.
It's fierce and complex, on this album they combine all best elements of death metal like technicality, melodies, dissonance, progressivism, and experimental with slightly black metal feeling. Present intricate and tight riffs, dark atmosphere, savage guttural vocals, and crushing drums. All arranged together with a high focus, smart songwriting, and stunning productions. Really devastating album with complete packages.

Weird and unique progressive death metal yet exciting stuffs, Really good job of incorporating technical, psychedelic, thrash, and blackened element without getting weighed down. A fantastic production that makes all the elements melt into one complete whole, needs more attention for this gem. 

It's a powerful and bold debut album that give something fresh for the listeners, a contemporary industrial blackened death metal with blistering guitar, pounding drums, varied vocals, and hard pulsating electronic vibes.
This is a prog death that I can really get, well executed in music with high energy. With crunchy guitar riffs, beautiful yet immersive melodies, blistering guitar solos, and the combination of strong growl vocals, harsh, and clean vocals that are emphatic from a female vocalist, make this album easy to receive on the ears and find space in the hearts of listeners. Really delicious and memorable music.

This album make me goosebumps, a mix of extremely punishing death metal and black metal darkness, with heavy and dark riffs, tense atmospheres, and furious vocals. Really amazing album.

Solid death metal album with tasty riffs, killer vocal, melodic and old school roots. This album also have another variety in arangement, technical in places, proggy in other, sometimes doomy, and sometimes grinding.

This album is more conceptualized than their previous albums, the exploration of tones and riffs from start to finish is mindblowing. The guitar is amazing with complex texture, full of stunning guitar solos, fantastic vocal, and layered sound. An album that easy catch me.

A soulful blackened death metal with epic melodies, good dynamics, sweet symphonic, and a layer of technical elements. The riffs are interesting with the melodies have heart, and the production is engrossing. This one is beautiful, comfortable, and fresh. I'll be back to listen it.

It's an epic album, the maestro are back with new stunning masterpieces, demonstrate melodic death metal with strong progressive influences and slightly atmospheric elements. Along with some truly excellent riffs, some piano accompaniment, the beastly growls, and enjoyable drums. All music written very well with amazing productions. No doubt, it's one of best melodic death metal album that I heard in recent times.

A bleak, sinister, and savage death metal with complex and cruel compositions. Never getting bored to enjoy this record, so surely I will back.
It's ultra beautiful and marvellous technical thrash metal album, featuring a lot of killer, intricate guitar riffs and progressions, aggressive vocals, mind-blowing guitar solos, and intense drums. The songwriting are really fantastic and the productions are wonderful. If you love an album with a lot of sensational guitar works, this album should not to missed.

This album composed by a lot of elements, from thrash, technical, progressive, and black metal that merged into the form of old school death metal, with sweet memorable melodies, cruel riffs, vicious vocal, and bleak atmosphere. Really solid album that quite shock me.

It's a masterpiece, they are back with new album that more varied, lovely, colourful, fresh, and indulgent. Composing progressive metal that blend with sweet jazz music, avant-garde taste, beautiful harmonies, death metal influences, and crushing melodies. This album have great taste that make me addicted, it seems I can't stop listen this records, fuckin ambitious album.

What a beautiful music, fantastic and mind-bending prog-death album, blending strong technical, sweet melodies, cerebral intimacy, and sheer brutality with aggressive structure and stunning songwriting. Really impressive also crushing.

Sick debut album from Thailand Brutal death metal outfit that blend heavy and tight composition, pernicious solos, creative bass lines, virulent vocals, unmatched drums, and some technical touch that will tear your faces and rip your brains.

Obscure, savage, and aggressive death metal with some vicious vocals, tasty riffing, and crushing drums. It's a nice and killer stuffs, worth it to check this one.

Playing death metal at a high level, supported by great musical abilities, with the mix of Technical, Avant-Garde, Dissonant, Brutal, Mathcore, and Grindcore with a strange dose makes everything sound unstressed. An intricate and unique album makes us reach the climax of a gratification, it's like an ultra aggressive attack from another planet that will explosive your ear holes. Really sick album.

Pure sick death metal that blend with old school, technical, and melodic touches. Along with fast, groovy, and chunky riffs, solid vocals, complex structure, and great songwriting. Surely it's their amazing new album with stunning productions, so don't sleep with this guys.

I think it's an improvement over their previous album, they create death metal weirdness with creative instrumentals, it's modern brutal death metal which takes many elements such as deathcore, technical, progressive, slam, electronic synths here and there, and more melodic approach on some song, full of energy, dynamic intensity, and high aggressiveness with tremendous songwriting. Pretty unique and exciting album.

Attractive, energetic, and devastating technical death metal that came with a ton of tight, intricate, rapid guitar riffs, torturing bass, solid vocals, and punishing drums. This is an extremely quality album, highly recommended.

A solid technical death metal with strong brutal and melodies influences, groovy, and it slaps hard. Composed with aggressive guitars riffs, some incredible guitar solos, tight vocal, and crushing drums to keep things going insane. This is quite good, with decent dynamics, great recomendation if you like heavy stuffs.

It's an aggressive blackened technical death metal with dark guitar progressions, devastating drums, stunning solos, heavy bass lines, and monstrous vocals. This is music that will stumulate and shred the mind, pretty interesting records, I really enjoy what they offer on this album.

Majestic and beautiful melodic death metal with epic guitar riffs, fascinating, chilling, and dazzling guitar solos. It's a fantastic and wonderful album with superb songwriting and incredible craftsmanship.
It's a grandiose progressive death metal album demonstrate a fantastic music that interwoven from a series of tones created by magic guitar riffs, strong technical wizardry, psychedelic elements, varied vocals, and some sexy saxophones. The songwriting is extraordinary and the productions is fuckin amazing with high craftmanship of the members. The invigorating album that will have well place in the heart and mind of technical diehard.

It's slap hardly and really kicking, they offer old-school brutal death metal with a unique modern, technical, and progressive twist, catchy riffs, cruel drumming, and colorful music grooves. A debut album that's hard to ignore.
On this new album they remain focused on the music they have been playing so far, blending melodic death metal styles, black metal, and progressive element with sweet tones, catchy riffs, and fast solos with their signature classic elements. Overall, this third album seems more mature in terms of arrangement and sound than the previous album. It's worth listening to.

The songwriting on this album is really skillful and quite stunning, presenting death metal with that combine between classic, dark, and progressive in the one music unity, they also show a gloomy, beautiful, and melancholic melodies with a bleak atmospheres. Overall, it's a solid death metal album with great arragements, you should check this one.

It's a sick blend of brutal death metal and technical death metal that interwoven with epic doom passages, catchy black metal riffs, monstrous vocals, punishing drums, and hainting atmospheres. This is a good album, i'll be back to listen it.

Pretty good stuffs, presenting sweet death doom metal with a little focus on ambience, slightly progressive touches, beautiful melody, and nice clean guttural vocals. Not bad overall, quite memorable album.

Damn, this album really give hard slaps. Death metal music with fast, intricate, and agressive riffs, chaotic guitar solos, strong old school vibes and blackened feel. It's a dirty, heavy, and vicious death metal album. Need more listen this beast album.

A cutting-edge death metal album played with unbelievable passion and fidelity, making another perfect addition to what is undeniably a master of the genre. The entry of Erik Rutan as the second guitarist made this album fresher and made a difference from the previous album. Pure evil riffs, devastating solos, ferocious vocal, and blast beat assault that hit your head. An impressive album.

Pretty impressive, this album deliver beautiful swedish melodic death metal with progressive tendencies, along with sweet and enjoyable riffs, huge dynamics, and epic song structure. It's a great album for a solo project, all the music is well organized and the production is pretty good.

It's an emotional debut album, they unleash vicious blackened death metal attacks combined with sinister dissonant. Fast wild riffs, thundering drums, roaring guitars, pounding bass, and ghastly howling vocals combine to form a harrowing threat. Really devastating album.

It's a fascinate album, they managed to explore their music with fresher elements. Each instrument complements each other as if to sing along, with tight riffs, jaw-dropping melodies, punchy vocals, and luxurious sound. I'm sure this is a tremendous effort from them in writing the material, if you like Florida death metal style, don't miss this album from this great Indonesian death metal outfit.

This album deliver brutal death metal with intricate and tight guitar riffs, ferocious vocals, fast tempos, and catchy songwriting. It's like mixture between velocity and complexity with chaotic music structure. Quite dangerous for casual listener.

That's incredible, this album showing a great technical death metal with amazing skills from each members. They attacking with sharp guitar riffs, dirty growl vocals, pummeling bass, and crushing drums. Unique, catchy, and uncompromise album.

Still features death thrash metal with touches of progressive and melodic elements, but on this album they took a more mature approach to their music. This album showcase an epic music with extreme tempos, fast riffs, amazing guitar solos, aggressive vocals, good songwriting, and more complex structure. Great musicianship.

An unique and forward thinking death metal that blend with dissonant and modern twist, tight and solid riffs, great production, and superb songwriting. Quite satisfying.
A great progressive death records, with solid black metal and doom metal influences, along with great vocals, neat arrangements, good songwriting, enjoyable, and generally quite interesting. Worth a listen for fans of progressive death metal.

Ultra massive brutality album, deliver brutal death metal with technicality, complex and twisted guitar riffs, nasty vocals, barbaric blast beats, and punching bass. Quite interesting, I need to back.

Endlessly intense music with incredibly massive riffs and downright gruesome gutturals, this album is a marriage of brutal aesthetic and friendly slam. Songwriting is more focused and ferocious with added touches of blackened, to produce something as disgustingly wicked as devastating violence.

Unrelenting and intense brutality, the Turkish legend are back with new album as a weapon that ready to blast everything. They bombard with heavy, complex, and weighty riffs, vicious vocals, and punishing drums. Their music stays upright and defiant as usual, surely I will back to checking this beast again.

A grimy death metal album, that load the caveman riffs, heavy drum, nasty vocals, and murky bass. Really kicking my ass.
Some high paced death metal with a technical, progressive, and melodic flare, really outstanding songwriting and fascinating guitar solos. It's a mind-bending and heartcatching album with great productions.

It's a weighty death metal album features old school death metal-style leads, malicious blackened riffs that spiked with technical elements, some brutal sections, and sick vocal. This album have strong old school vibes but they play with their own style.

It's an onslaught of rage, they taking their musicality in a darker and much more haunting direction. The throb is filthy and utterly crushing,  with some killer and murky riffs and depth emotion. Musically, it's a nasty blend of death metal, black metal, and doom metal with cavernous style, bleak atmospheres, and some dirty technical touches, really interesting.

An intense and original album, musically is the mature mix of black metal with strong progressive, sweet melodic, avant-garde, and death metal vibes with stunning and genius songwriting. Cinematic, magnificient, beautiful, and glorious album, really love it.

It's a fantastic album, mixing all the best elements of death metal, strong technicality, brutality, groove, speed, and great songwriting. They also manage this album with heavy, aggressive, and dark influences. An album that bring modern and old school twist into one sickest attack. Killer and furious.

Oh fuck, this new stuff is really nuts. Present beautiful technical death metal with fast, tight, and heavy riffs, stunning melodies, glorious dynamics, gorgeous songwriting, and prodigious productions. I'm really blown with their musicality since their first stuffs, with great musicianship and by this album they growth and going into the next level.

A unique blend of progressive metal, technical, avant-garde metal, and death metal. All compositions formulated into addictive music that poisoning and virusing the minds. An interesting and surprising offering that need more attentions.

This is an invigorating and well written proggy death metal album mixed with atmosphere stuffed, tighty riffs, tons of groovy and a few calmity moment of reflection between the destructions. I find it much more coherent and enjoyable than their previous, and was pleasantly surprised by how great this whole album sounds.

The cruel music that blending fast and incisive riffs and elements of complex technicality with sheer heaviness that ready crush everything, the debut album from these bringers of destruction is worth to challenge your adrenaline.
Without further ado and bullshit, the band unleashes an assault with devastating drums, and guitar riffs that are sharp, aggressive, piercing, and cruelly distorted. The attack immediately gave way to a gloomy, ferocious, and oppressive tone in a savage and insane manner. A solid album that evoke a strong adrenaline and weird sensations when listening it.

Stunning old school style death metal that blend with elements of thrash and technical here and there. This album offering energetic and attractive guitar riffs, putrid and nasty vocals, crushing and aggressive drums with good productions and creative songwriting.

This is a new band that I discovered, their music is a different blend of progressive black metal with elements of doom and death metal more prominent with a combination of harsh vocals but neatly sung. I fell in love with them when first time I listened to it, what a charming album.

It's a fascinate and magnificent melodic death metal album with strong technical and deathcore twist, solid riffs, mind-blowing guitar solos, beautiful dynamics, and excellent vocals. Great album and pretty impressive.

Brilliant, unique, and innovative songwriting on black metal music. Blend black metal with baroque music, progressive, avant garde, or even electronic music. It's beautiful form of black metal that come with sweet tones, heavy throbbing bass, and interesting rhythmic patterns. Overall it's a wonderful album, I really love this one with all their magic.

French Death Metal group delivering damn good tones with a lot of massive riffs, horrible melody, agressive, fast and mercilessly as if giving no pause for us to breathe. Highly recomended.

It's an energetic blackened death metal with majestic sounds, strong egyptian and oriental influences, heady melodies, haunting atmospheres, solid rhythms, hellish guitar solos, vicious vocal, and intense drums.
An extraordinary black metal/death metal records, epic and progressive in every way, this album composed by the passages of aggressive extremity in balance with the melodic, atmospheric, symphonies, and untamed emotion. Wrapping the captivating riffs, stunning solos, husky screams, lovely dynamics, and savage drums. A grandiose album.

It's solid album, a nice blend of old school and progressive death metal with modern twist, crunchy riffs, and stunning guitar solos. Good album.
This album describing the power of womens, combine black metal, thrash, and melodic with classic and modern death metal. A lot of catchy and intense riffs, beautiful and enchanting guitar solos, also with powerful vocals and crushing drums. Really impressive.

It's impressive modern thrash metal album, comes with a strong progressive bandage, symphonic feel, and slightly melodic death metal touch, agressive, monstrous, and crushing. Really impressive.

They have returned making progress on all sides of the music. The music is fierce, full of unnatural and dissonant sounds, punctuated by a frightening and terrifying atmosphere. It embodies the perfect combination of face-melting aggression and a heart-fluttering atmosphere, with the song structure remaining unpredictable. An album you will keep visiting again just because it has so much to offer in such a refreshing way.

A wonderful and invigorating progressive melodic black metal album, it's an epic masterpiece that present exploration of cosmic, hopelessness, and defeat. Along with beautiful guitar works, melancholy keyboard plays, haunting melodies, pummeling bass, eerie vocals, and devastating drums. The songwriting are brilliant, and the productions are incredible, really solid album that deserves more attentions.

I'm getting another feel from brutal death metal in this album that blend with more technicality touches, tranquil melodies, also blackened and progressive elements. It's vicious, beautiful, nimble, aggressive, fast, catchy, and emotive album. Of course, I will back to enjoy this great stuff.

What a wonderful album, the master finally return with new masterpiece. The album gives the listener a great experience through a dynamic and beautiful progressive music that is filled with both bright energy and calming peacefulness. Really loving this new sound, dark, dramatic, and heavy. It's a music that will creating a peaceful for every heart that listening to.

It's incredible debut album, this band deliver quality death metal with doomy dissonance tones, progression chords, psychedelic and post metal influences, slow and heavy riffs, and solid vocals, everything packaged on unique form. Really interesting album.

This album give you a mystic and dark experience like puts you in the center of an ancient Zoroastrian temple of death, listening a suffering wails, pain, and sorrowful. Executed in the form of gnarly blackened death metal with some experimental and progressive touches. Solid album with unique songwriting.

Well this is cool stuff, they describe their self as "Funeral Death Metal". Musically they play melodic death metal merged with Funeral doom, some deathcore vibes, and they adding cello instrument in their music that make me impressed. Sweet riffs, romantic moment, and glorious guitar solos you will get in this album. Exciting album.

Weird, absurd, and intricate progressive death metal with strong old school vibes,  chaotic riffs and unpredictable song structure. Need more attention.
Debut album of Indian Prog/Tech Death band with promising material that inspired by band like Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy, Gorod, Cynic, etc. Musically they mix elements of classic death metal as well as progressive metal, chaotic, and Catchy melodic touch. The song structure is decorated with a complex rhythm and sharp riffs with an old school blend. Hmm it's delicious.

It's fantastic album, full of technical, melodic, orchestral style of death metal with a hint of deathcore here and there with sharp riffs and mind-blowing guitar solos. This album is a follow-up to their previous album that shows what the band can fully convey in their sound and formula. But with this album, their music is tighter, stronger, fiercer.

It's a killer album, delivers a crazy mix of melodic and technical death metal with tight, thick, and intricate riffs, lush melodies, solid vocals, pummeling drums, fast tempos, and a huge dynamics. I think deserves more attentions.
An amazing album that demonstrates exceptional songwriting skill and musicianship. Tight riffs, epic symphonic element with the sweepy solos showcase satisfying technical prowess and melody, and really help drive memorable momentum. I'm quite drugged.

It's a beautiful masterpiece, formed from a brilliant and haunted mind, creating music that is blasphemous, unholy, dark and striking in a darker, louder, and faster form of experimental black/death metal with some doom and post influences. Pretty enjoyable.

It's fucking menacing album, musically they play death metal filled with awful doom metal, crunching and heavy guitar riffs, vicious vocals, and incredible bass and drum lines. A competent and enjoyable album that has high standart on songwriting, worth to checking out.

Fantastic blackened dissonant death metal with some really sick atmosphere and psychedelic touches. This is a perfect balance of aggression, technicality, dissonance, and melody. The songwriting are outstanding, really insane album.
It's massive complex brutality, punishing and devastating with technical power in every ways. Along with Intricate guitar works, pummeling drums, pounding bass, and gruesome vocals. Really sick and heavy canadian tech death album.

It's a gorgeous progressive black/death metal album, that packed with intense harmonies, heavy and intricate riffs, solid vocals, incredible drums, rich melodies, and cold atmosphere, they explore and combine it to produce an impressive album. Seriously, this album is beautiful, you should check this one.

They remain true to their death metal style with a progressive slant to their upgraded sound, with exploration of their wider musicality. And with changes to their vocals and sound making this new album fresher than ever. Don't miss this album.

It's a grandiose and prodigious album, delivers a monumental, epic, and luxurious progressive black metal. The sound are unique, the songwriting are brilliant, and the productions are incredible. I think it is the darkest and most emotional offering from them than before, and undoubtly it's really superb album.

Wow, this is an impressive, astonishing, and invigorating solo album. The playing is perfect, the production is incredible, the songwriting is brilliant, focused, and very tight. Musically, it's a mixture of technical death metal that meet melodic black metal with progressive and symphonic elements. It's a beautiful album that provoke emotion and intuition, really love it.

It's some fresh melodic death metal album, seamlessly moves from epic and beutiful riffs, to catchy choruses, proggy structure, nice melodies, and groovy bridges that will surely give you a listening amazing experience. Overall, this is a grandiose and invigoratong album, with incredible songwriting, big dynamics and occasional moments of memorable hooks.

Holy shit, this band are back with glorious album, deliver superb technical death metal music with captivating guitar works and incredible songwriting. This album not only present technical death metal maturity, but they also explore foreign elements like fusion, jazz, old progressive, and latin folk that meets with british prog. Really impressive and stunning album, i'm blown with their musicality from start til end of this album.

This album giving us Tech death stuff with malignant riffs and plenty of groove mixed with progressive touch that sound clearly in their riffs also a ton of thrash influence that felt here and there. With modern style they have produced a record that capable of adding color and diversity to extreme music. Very interesting.

Exceptional death metal album that perfectly mix with technical, dissonant, atmospheric, and old school influences. Forward thinking songwriting and great productions. This stuff make me addictive and will spin it again and again.

Turkish death metal always give a hard slaps, that also applies to this new album. Features dark and epic riffs, evil vocals, crushing blast beats, and stunning solos. It's an uncompromize and relentless stuff, incredible.
Presenting music that is more exotic and disgusting than before, this album features a relentless onslaught of wild riffs, with every element of the previous work irresponsibly taken to an even more extreme level. It's nasty and ferocious terror from them.

It's something crazy and exciting, musically they play technical death metal with progressive and experimental influences, chaotic and twisted guitar riffs, unique sound, awesome vocals, great bass work, and incredible drum lines. Try them out!.

It's an eccentric death metal album. Their music is wonderful blend from best elements of old school, dissonant, technical, and progressive death metal with twisted riffs, unpredictable structure, powerful vocals, catchy drumming. No more words to describe this album but stunning and invigorating album, i'm getting amazing experience and sensations when listen this album.

Some great technical death metal album with incredible songwriting and brilliant ideas, that flow by the tight, epic, and dark guitar riffs, solid vocals, crushing drums, and luscious solos. This album really make me addictive, wanna listen again and again.

A dangerous combination of blackened death metal with doom element and dissonant structure, this album bring a dark and sinister atmosphere with howling and roaring guitar riffs, pummeling drums, and savage vocals. I think this album have own uniqueness and need high focusing to enjoying, to get more satisfaction.

Gloomy and scary, this album offering death metal with different taste, imbued with the haunting atmosphere, psychedelic rock, wilting romanticism, and slightly progressive feels, along with dark riffs, sinister vocals, and heavy drums. Moody and emotional album, I think I need to repeat this one.

An album that spreads the terror of hatred and nightmares that leave the mind and soul shattered in contemplation of each other. The dark music that they mix with the horror of the notes produced by the guitar is mixed with the decaying sound composition and the atmosphere that cuts through the listeners' parts. A new masterpiece created by this Avant-Garde Black Death Metal duo based in Switzerland, it's hard not to find the hearing room in my ears.

It's definitely great stuffs, this album offering melodic death metal with strong old school influences, along with epic atmospheres, fantastic dual guitar harmonies, low morbid tremolo riffs, gruesome bass works, crushing drums, and savage vocals. Absolutely killer stuffs that deserve more attentions.

Sick brutality that blend with strong technicality, groovy, and slam. Along with chugging and devastating riffs, intense and aggressive blast beats, powerful vocals, also heavy bass lines. One of the finest brutal death album that I listen this year, great music.

It's lunatic brutal death metal that melted with chaotic technical riffs, gore grind, crazy free jazz parts, and messy song structure. Killer stuffs.

A unique prog-death metal album that blend a variety element in the mix, that make this album more catchy, cheerful, and enjoyable. An album that fit listening when a free time, so many enjoyable moment that create confortable and relax, surely deserve more attention.

High standard deathcore music with plenty of technical touches, blackened elements, heavy riffs, and amazing solos.
This is raging, furious, and insane brutal death metal album with huge of technical influences, great dynamics, also good songwriting and production. The great offerings of those who had slept for a long time, they rose as if reborn with new ferocity. A solid and savage stuffs.

Really impressing Tech-Death album with a variety of black metal influences. Sick vocal, gloomy guitar riffs, eerie atmosphere, and a ton of dark moment that describe more grief and depressive. It's a great album, that deserve more attentions.

Wow, this is an incredible debut album, they combines a variety of genres, from death metal, black metal, doom, avant-garde and psychedelic, along with elements of jazz, chamber, and ambient music. The structure is dissonant and unpredictable, smart songwriting, and the productions is wonderful. They are success make a glorious masterpieces with great craftmanship from each member. Really rich and stunning album.

What amazing album, musically a blend of progressive rock with traditional death metal that executed with unique and interesting guitar riffs, incredible bass work, catchy drums, and varied vocal. The songwriting are really brilliant, different than another that I listen in recent times. It's a complete package album that offer a melancholy, cinematic, beautiful, sweet, and even sick music in the one form. Oh guys, you make a great masterpiece that I believe will stand out in a long time, really love this work.

This is extremely promising album, showing a solid progressive death metal music. The songwriting are creative and enjoyable, the sound are heavy and tight, and the productions are excellent. Need more spin, to get fully digest.

It's an epic and majestic masterpiece, deliver insane amalgamation of symphonic sounds within the unique blend of mystic black and experimental death metal with genius songwriting, dark atmosphere, dissonant structure, melodiously, luxurious, and irresistible.

A completely sweet progressive power metal, blending some pretty unique elements into a dynamic and fresh music. The riffs are sweet, a lot of tasty and sensational guitar solo parades,the mix is ​​really good, the tones are beautiful, and soothing to the mind, plus there are surprising variations in this album, really memorable.

It is difficult to briefly describe what a shows were presented, suffice it to say that they were immensely gifted at playing such a magnificent and classy symphonic death metal with sweeping pianos, elite orchestral arrangements, choral reverberations, epic poetry, eerie moments, varied and complex riffs, captivating guitar solos, and a strong horror atmosphere in every song that is presented. Trully a brilliant album that surprising and amazing.

A mesmerizing technical death metal record that present occult music with powerful songwriting, chunky riffs, deadly brutality, catchy melodies, epic atmosphere, and captivating song structures. Through this album they stimulate hearing sense and mind of audiences, and then anestheize and hypnotize them by their music. Highly recomended.

Old school Swedish death metal with heavy, tasty, and crunchy melodies that infused with classic progressive. It's another project of Rongga Johansson bring death metal with genuine emotional quality and conviction. Really nice album.

Relentless technical death metal album, attacking with tight and fast riffs, solid vocal, crushing drums, pretty dynamics, unpredictable structure, and great productions. Superb.
Good material, smooth production, overall this is an epic melodic death metal album, emotionally driven by black metal elements with sweet riffs, fantastic solos, a lot of melancholy moments, and just the right composition. Album that quite drain my attention.

Full chaotic and complexity, this album offering new dose of bursting aural mathgrind that blend with geometric noise, avant-garde, dissonance, cinematic, and darkness along with varying instrumentation including but not limited to viola, oboe, saxophone, electric cello, trombone, trumpets, and mellotron. A fantastic and unique album.

This is an eccentric album, barbaricly combining the aggressiveness and speed of Grindcore with the grim sludge metal, and menacing doom metal, all set against a backdrop of Avantgarde metal and Dissonant death metal by offering ruthless guitar playing, exploding drums, powerful bass lines, and a vocal that describes lamentations and groans that are not harmonious.

It's a dark and atmospheric death metal that is rooted in the classic heavy metal sound, with stellar riffing, nice melodic, fierce vocal, and great song structure.

It's epic, dark, and melancholic melodic black/death metal with technical and progressive elements. The new taste, remake, and new form of their debut album, this moment come with new different vocals, and live drums. An album that really blow my mind and soul, always good and amazing.

Oh man, what a grandiose album, the master are back with fuckin amazing masterpiece, deliver beautiful music that packaged on killer technical death metal with perfect neo-classical touches and power metal inspired. Along with sweet riffs, mind-blowing guitar solos, flamenco section, stunning bass works, bombasting drums, and aggressive dual vocals. Incredible craftmanship from each member, glorious songwritting, and top notch productions. It's more sick from my expectation, they truly shred and devastating my mind with their musicality, and this album hit and reach the top tier of technical death metal album.

Unrelenting, intense, and nasty brutal death metal album with enjoyable structure, creative guitar riffs, savage vocals, and catchy drums. Seriously it's a solid album, if you need heavy and complex brutality, this album well choice to checking out.

Aggressive and intricate technical death metal album, loaded with fast guitar riffs, wild and beast vocals, crushing drums, and pummeling bass lines. This is a combination of velocity and complexity in the high level with outstanding songwriting and incredible productions.

Second full-length after more half-decade hiatus from this Canadian trio. Epic death metal with strong technical and progressive inclinations with a more sick atmosphere that feels dark and lurid. Just incredible.
An excellent progressive metal that blend with technical death metal and jazz into one comprehesive form, with incredible riffs, sexy saxophone, mind-blowing songwriting, and the choice of vocals is still using a mix of clean and harsh as they did in their previous albums. This is an original and different stuffs in extreme metal. Really impressive album.

It's a pure death metal with filth riffs, catchy melodies, lurid vocals, and horror atmosphere. This album concept is based on classic movie "Voices From Beyond (1991)", dangerous and unsettling album.
It's ferocious fusion of death metal, black metal, and thrash with dark, barbaric, and intricate guitar riffs, insane solos, hateful vocals, and crushing drums. Also all song wrapped with eerie and gloomy atmosphere. Really sick album, intense, and uncompromize.

Brutal death metal with complex chromatic riffs, pummeling bass lines, vicious guttural vocals, and insane drums. Well, this album more intricate than before with top notch productions.
It's the next level for their music, presents a more solid and magnificent musical composition, good production and songwriting. With slicing guitar riffs, piercing guitar solos, slashing basses, lurid vocals, thundering drums and a lot of eerie atmosphere. Sick album.

It's a great album, deliver unique blackened death/doom metal with strong influences of progressive and old school elements, executed with slowly, fast, heavy and drugning guitars riffs, wailing guitar solos, murky vocals, haunting atmospheres, crushing drums are what you'll find in each song.

Mesmerizing debut full-length from five piece British. Highly melodic and progressive material, weaving enjoy and satisfying guitar riffs, no doubt the flavor of today in death metal. Their sound is an epic journey for the listener, full of beautiful melodies, supported by a crushing assault with emotive lyrics.

An interesting and unique blend of death metal with progressive rock and smooth jazz that executed creatively with dark and melancholic tones, chilling piano, and mystifying saxophone. Really invigorating album with stunning songwriting and productions.

This is a classic brutal death metal that has a great combination of blasting, technicality, grooving and slamming. A heavy stuff with sick riffs, crushing drums, savage vocal, catchy songwriting, and great productions that make this album easily standing strong between another brutal death metal releases this year, I will back.

It's a gruesome and ominous death metal that mix with awful doom metal vibes and twisted groovy. Filled with filthy and murky riffs, nasty vocals, and pummeling drums. This album really hitting, slapping, and kicking without further ado, prepare your self, and check this ones.

It's weird and unique, creatively combine technical death metal with some varied elements, such as progressive metal, sludge metal, black metal, avant-garde, and experimental, that sweetened with saxophones and intense atmospheres, this stuff sound really dope and addictive.

Fantastic new album from them, feature pounding and dark riffs, agressive structure, cavernous atmosphere, disgusting sound, and sick echoing vocals. Dope album.
It's monstrous tech death album with sick riffs, dynamic tempo changes, some amazing solos, and great compositions where each song smoothly flows into the next songs, it's tasteful album.
It's really promising stuff, dark and heavy, they combine technical death metal with strong black metal and thrash influences, also offer both modern and old school for a unique, aggressive, and immersive sound. Overall a really good album, more creative than their previous release.

A compelling Progressive / Atmospheric black metal album, filled with explosive drumming, gripping guitars, furious vocals, stunning melodies, and throbbing bass notes, as well as some sweet and seductive parts. Simply amazing.

Killer death metal album, musically it's like a semi-brutal death with strong technical and dissonant touches, chaotic and weird riffs, good varied vocals, and stunning drum work. Strange but extraordinary at the same time tormenting.

Dark and mystical death metal that nicely blend with black metal, doom, and noise elements with dissonant song structure. A solid and emotional album, aggressive yet diverse and full of nuance. Really great album.

It's fantastic, this band successfully make something crazy and weird in this album, they incorporate an eclectic mix of influences, mainly a strong death-rock atmosphere and groove, with some modern psychedelic influences and ancient melodies, something unique and new that I've never heard before in death metal. Really interesting stuff that deserve to get more attention.

Super catchy progressive blackened death metal album, featuring horror and eerie atmospheric, dark and epic guitars riffs, beautiful bass lines, sick blast beats, vintage keyboards, and incredible varied vocals. Along with brilliant and long duration songwriting, also stunning productions, for sure this album really amaze me.

It's dazzling technical/progressive death metal solo album of Hannes Grossmann that feature some great musicians, he is back with material more heavy and crushing, with killer songwriting and great productions. Amazing album.

This is one of the debut albums I've been waiting for a long time, I was happily surprised when they announced their new album at the start of the year. By exploring musicality that combining several elements from Black Metal, Melodic, Prog-Death and made more complex than their previous material. Canadian death metal is undeniable and indisputable always producing fresh music that is astonishing and memorable for a long time.

It's more solid and hard, sending fierce blackened death metal with aggressive guitar riffs, hateful vocals, and intense drums. Definitely better than their last album, I think Polish death metal never dissapointing in recent decades, always powerful and dangerous.

An unconventional amalgam of death metal and black metal with progressive and technical elements woven within it along with chunky riffs, dark atmospheres, pummeling drums, and murky vocals that packaged in complex structure music. An album that got me addict in a mix of sick tones in it that made me unable to stop enjoying the dishes they offer, really good blackened death metal stuffs.

This combines sick growls with huge, epic clean vocals, and tons of dynamics. Overall, this album offer cool music for the smart listener and progressive / melodic death metal fan, with sweet instrumental passages, some excellent riffs, incredible drum works, and solid vocals. Really interesting.

This sophomore album of Italian group Helslave offering filthy, classic, rotten, and killer old schoolish Death metal, with horrible riffs, heavy bass lines, dynamic drum played, ferocious growls, and predacious guitar solos.

The darker and gloomier music on the blackened death path meets the same groove, but this time with a further level of atmospheric nature of the band's sound. It's almost uncomfortable and at times gloomy that blends perfectly with their signature blackened groove template which has become their trademark. A terror of this album is their evolution in their most cold and disgusting form.

Oh man this music sound weird, they make bizzare combination between progressive black metal, sludge, psychedelic, stoner, and death metal. Strange yet exciting.

Soft yet dangerous, cruel and punishing. This album combine blackened death metal with a ton of beautiful and epic melodic also old-school touches. Present dark and aggressive riffs, vicious vocals, and excellent drumming. It's an awesome album.

No-nonsense and merciless, they deliver sick death metal with aggressive, dark, and evil riff, monstrous vocals, killer drums, and pummeling bass. Everything is perfectly calculated and intricately arranged and executed, mixing up the brutality with a variety of tempos and rhythms, so it never becomes tedious. The production is strong and powerful, a great effort.

It's an uncompromised brutal death metal assaults with heavy, complex, fast, and catchy guitar riffs. They delivers merciless music that will punish and bombarde your ear hole.
What a nice album, deliver a quality sci-fi black metal with trashing guitar riffs, epic melodies, monstrous vocals, eerie atmospheres, and devastating drums, that all meticulously structured and carefully paced. It's one of great masterpieces that best on their genres.

It's a vicious, intricate, and wild Technical brutal death metal album, full of chaos that resulting from sick riffs, some complex arpeggios, classic dark tremolos, fury melodies, and tight tempos that interwoven with ferocious vocals, pounding basses, and drums full of devastating blast beats played at terrifying velocity. Really solid music.

The band once again success produce a great album, blending smart progressive death metal with epic melodic death metal. Along with brilliant songwriting, gorgeous music, and incredible productions. I think this album is ridiculously good, really impressive and memorable.

It's a stunning and invigorating progressive death metal album that blend a variety of unique element with explosiveness of the sound and the searing melodies, also epic and melancholy nuances. Really love this album, I'll be back.

This is a prodigious album, the king are back with new fantastic masterpieces, deliver sensational technical death metal with perfect melodies, killer riffs, astonishing guitar solos, incredible bass works, monstrous vocals, and torturing drums. Superb musicalities from each members, beautiful songwriting, and top notch productions. They are always stunning, glorious, and amazing as usual.

An intricate avant garde black metal, with layered guitar tracks, dense vocals and sound textures, complex rhythms, and unpalatable dynamism, blends contemplatives and distractions into a compelling journey through covert psychic niches and into the limitless. Quite good.

Solid and energetic technical death metal with hypnotize guitar riffs, overawe melodies, heavy grooves, weighty brutality, excellent drums, punching bass, stunning vocals, and a variety high speed. Ahh it's an album that enough to invite my admiration, really cool.

Sweet melodic death metal that infused by strong doom metal element and some progressive vibes, with heavy and epic riffs, melancholy solos, and variety vocal style. A decent death metal album.
Damn, this album really rip my mind. A sci-fi technical death metal with unique old school sound. Full of fast, complex, and crushing riffs. The alien caveman is return to spread the terror.
Insane debut album of Russian trios Insect Inside, they despatch a heinous terror from slam pallete into sick brutal death with technical leads, groovy beatdown, thick riffs, torturing gutturals, shifting tempos, and lunatic blast beats. This is an album that scrap my brain.

It's really amazing and enjoyable stuffs, an extreme progressive metal with melodic and technical elements, gutturals and cleans vocals, stunning guitar work, a huge beautiful dynamics, and great productions. An invigorating music.
Heavy and weighty, this album deliver insane and massive brutality with crushing riffs, vicious vocals, intricate drums, and punishing bass works.
It's an interest stuff, showcasing death metal mixed with doom and Finish death metal influences. Along with cavernous riffs, enjoyable guitar solos, solid vocals, and pummeling drums. Yeah, it's an incredible music for solo project, worth to checking out and deserve more attention.

It's dissonant, it's techy, it's proggy! A grandiose album from Quebec quartet that deliver quality death metal, their music is more aggressive, soft yet intricated, calm yet devastating, and torture the mind uncompromisingly. Well, I never got bored when listening this album repeatedly.

This album delivers ultra massive brutality terror with old school feel and some technical hints. Packed with heavy and thick guitar riffs, crushing blast beats, vicious vocals, raw sound, and dark harmonies. Really oppressive and slaughtering, you should check it.

This is an epic album, cinematic progressive death metal with sweet melodies, some atmospheric moment, catchy riffs, astonishing guitar solos, a beautiful blend of harsh, growls, and operatic clean vocals, that all sits part of their music. Really impressive.

An eye-catching debut album, a mix of the second wave of black metal that flourished in the 90's, modern blackgaze elements, outrageously progressive, vibrant avant-garde, and of course lots of impressive technical expertise. The chaotic riffs, the catchy melody, the groaning and ringing bass with the tune of the shredding vocals that continue to produce an interesting oddity.

Brilliant dissonant black metal album with compositions of chaotic riffs, aggressive drums, and ferocious vocals. This album more varied and dynamic than previous releases, bring a gloomy and eerie atmospheres.

This album is great combination of black metal and death metal with thunderous rhythm, aggresive and technicality riffs, and full of emotional vocal. It's slap, rips, and pulverizing.

Quiet yet immersive, a phrase one can say for their new album. A dark mix of progressive doom metal, experimental, black metal, avant garde, gothic metal, as well as psychedelic. The album is full of color and variety, quite interesting to check out.

It's a grandiose masterpiece, this album deliver a beautiful doom metal with varied elements, stunning guitar works, heart-touching solos, lush melodies, great vocal combination, and brilliant songwriting. I'm not a fans of doom metal, but this album really hit me, so you should check this one. Super amazing records.

It's phenomenal album, super heavy and intricate dissonant tech death that merge with Progressive and Black metal element with twisted riffs that give you a vigorous kicking. This album feeding you more exhibits technicality and killing vocals that display a lot of harrowing dynamism as well, with quick tempos and uncertain groove that will fuck your mind and drown your soul in the same time.

Dissonant? Technical? well, this album deliver high quality deathgrind, their music is full of chaotic tones, so experimental, wild vocal, with solid material. Music that is really brain-numbing and full of anger.

A pleasant debut album, the band deliver crushing technical death metal music that blend with brutal and old school sense, along with aggressive guitar riffs, strenuous drums, pummeling bass, and energetic vocals. 

It's a solid album, with lots of intricate parts and intense rhythms. Characteristically the band still accentuate the furies of avant-garde / progressive black metal,  but in this album slightly different than usual that showcasing more heavy atmospheric synths.

This album bring back the spirit of destructive music that emerged in the late 80's and early 90's, where death metal and thrash metal met, unleashing a relentless assault of crushing drums, fast riffs with raging tempos, and also blistering solos that shred the minds. Really solid death thrash metal album.

It's album that offer a music combination of brutal death metal, slam, progressive metal, experimental, and synth wave. Quite interesting.
An incredible album, a lavish progressive / melodic death metal show that references sci-fi novels and video games in the lyrics, which adds a hint of melancholy doom metal to the music. Really outstanding.

A concept album that was designed for the soundtrack to Times Square in the 1970s, the epicenter of sin, crimes, and salacious misdeeds. With music that formulated and combined from Death metal, sludge, progressive, black metal, and doom metal into one composition that wrapped by eerie synths, which supports all aspects that they want to convey in this album.

This album present a lovely combination of melodic death metal with some progressive touch which are packaged nicely with an array of epic and catchy riffs, stunning guitar solos, excellent drums, and solid vocals with extraordinary productions. Really impressive and memorable.

This album delivers a high standart brutality that grind and devastate earholes with series of song that containing dissonant and technical riffs, complex bass tones, dynamic drums signature, heavy sounds, and vicious vocals. Really excellent and uncompromise brutal death metal album.

Aggressive blackened death metal that come with blazing, dark, suffocating, fast, and oppressive guitar riffs, catchy bass lines, solid vocals, and scorching drums. It's unmerciful and no humour, it's a pure sick album.
A dramatic and melancholic melodic death metal album with great combination of symphonic and technical elements. Every song in this album have a varied nuances, sometimes it's sad or beautiful, and even sound horror. The variety of the tracks makes this album sound enjoyable, memorable, and also keep your attention.

Evil sounding blackened death metal that goes crazy as fuck, sinister, and full of oppressive atmosphere with dissonant structure.
This sensational album is a progressive metal concept that diffuse with proggy death metal with ambient psychedelic breaks, atmospheric, really interesting progressive rock elements. This epic music flows smoothly from track to track that bring you into space journey and covering moments of sheer brutality with pure euphoric passages. Damn weird and outstanding stuff that deserve getting big applause of listeners.

Excellent progressive death that infused with strong sludge metal, dynamics, and chaos, all bundled into a killer package. Awesome and sensational album.
Nice amalgam of death metal with technical, progressive, melodies, and experimental that infused with jazz and funk music. It's groovy, complex, weird but enjoyable and interesting. Something different and fresh that should you check.

A surprising debut album that demonstrate a solid death metal with doomy riffs and some memorable solos.
A dazzling debut album that presents dark and gloomy rhythms which are formulated in the form of Blackened Death metal with leaden atmosphere, slashing melodic, emotion-provoking harmonies, and some classic parts that immerse us in a deadly tomb.

A gruesome death metal with an old school feels and dissonant tones, fantastic drum, monstrous vocals, nasty and murky guitar riffs, and varied tempos. It's a solid album, need more jamming this stuff.

Some high quality Slam with some complex part and modern sound, totally sick and worth to listen it.
It's weird but enjoyable, the band takes Avant garde/progressive death metal and blends it with a wide range of musical influences including jazz, classical, folk, etc. It's so eclectic and strange but they arrange it very good, it's a great album.

It's glorious album, an epic swedish melodic death metal that blend with progressive, classic heavy metal, and black metal elements. Semi-harsh vocal, dynamic tempo changes, unique layered sound, and a lot of strumming acoustic guitar make this album give more bleak atmosphere. Really beauty album.

What a rare and extraordinary sensation to taste this album, a death metal assault with an endless array of riffs, pounding drum blows, and ear-tearing vocals to complete this savage composition. One of the albums Brutal death metal with a deadly style, leaving raw aggression, and full of uncontrollable anger.

A very emotional and captivating cosmic black metal album, full of a sharp and evocative imagination. The production is amazing, the performances are honest, and the songwriting is perfect. I literally love it.

The best offerings combine dynamic and skillfully written melodic death metal with significant doom elements and breathe with the overall lyrical theme of the dark aspects of life with endless and dazzling atmospheric melodies such as extraordinary beauty conveying a melancholy and cold atmosphere.

Gorgeous, tasty, groovy, and melodically. Blackened death metal stuff with a thunderous old-school mix, intricate, great songwriting, sick riffs, and tons of eerie mystical melodies, the production is excellent, the bits are delicious. One of albums I love in just one listen.

Still accentuates their signature like blackened taste, epic arrangements, slam brutality, and sick blast beat but with change of their sound that more mature, made this album is more fresh and enjoyable for me than their previous releases.

Killer, this album delivers a crazy thrash metal that merging with beautiful progressive and technical passages, also have more sweet melodies that packed with fast and frenetic guitar riffs, great bass lines, loud vocals, and devastating drums, everything mix very well. If you need an aggressive thrash metal album with incredible productions, this album will be a best choice.

Solid and unrelenting brutality, with heavy and crunchy riffs, slaughter growls vocal, non-stop blasting, and squealing harmonics. It's uncompromize and killer brutal death metal album.
An unrelenting brutal death metal, attacking without compromise with twist and crushing riff,  heavy and varied bass lines, pummeling blast beats, and pure evil vocal. It's an unmerciful brutality.
An unorthodox technical death metal that blend with elements of dissonant, experimental, black metal, grindcore, and even mathcore. Their music structure is chaotic, come with complex riffs, monstrous vocals, and crushing drums. It's incredible album, really recommend for you that love crazy stuffs.

It's an outstanding album, the strong mixture of 90s Thrash metal and melodic death metal with elements of heavy metal and progressive. This is classy treats of melodies in every songs, and the guitar play stands out above everything, really cool album. Love this production.

Super interesting stuffs, they mix death metal with avant-garde, industrial, and symphonic elements. The song structure is unpredictable, chaotic, and weird. For me it's a unique combination, that still rarely to do by other musicians, and this is an original style of their music with great craftsmanship.

This is a classy album for me, they present avant-garde black metal music with scandinavian feel, structure that is chaotic, dissonant, and noisy wrapped in deadly atmosphere and gloomy moments. Incredible and glorious.

This album delivers a sick terror of brutality with complexity and technicality, along with aggressive and fast riffs, terrifying vocals, heavy bass lines, and hammering drums. Unrelenting and intense brutal death metal album that fit to destroy your moods.

This project completely kill my mind, stiffened my body and then raped my ears with riffly executed chaotic riffs. Without pause they tortured every corner mercilessly. Really a killer album.
It's interesting album, an interflow of black metal with  some slightly proggressive textures, some killer blackened hardcore, sludge metal, and also melodic death metal. Fierce, eerie, and unmerciful.
A sweet blend of black metal and death metal that infused with progressive elements here and there, a little groove, and dark atmosphere. Quite entertaining.
Lovely and melancholic melodic death metal album with strong progressive and doom metal influences. The vocals are varieds, the guitar works are stunning, and the songwriting are great, exciting and easy-listening that packed with innovative sound.

Magnificent and prodigious, this album offering sweet technical death metal with strong bandage of symphonic, orchestra, and melodic. Presenting catchy and epic riffs, mesmerizing guitar solos, beautiful keyboard and bass tones, solid vocal, and intense blast beats. Seriously, it's an amazing album, I will back to check this gems again.

Murky, heavy, and dark material from this American group on their second album. Grimy textures and putrid riffs, relentless mid-tempo drum barrages, and at times transmigrating in wretched death doom territory or taps into dirty progressive areas. Good songwriting and productions, recomended to check.

This is a fantastic death metal debut album, with portentous melodic, gallant progressive elements, and excellent pacing. The songs are well-written and good production. It's diverse, quick, and heavy, full of melody and aggression. The mix is well-balanced, rich and lively, but otherwise a very enjoyable album, need more attention.

This is the gorgeous debut album of Chinese death metal group that plays murky and grim old school death metal, killer guitar riffs, nasty vocal and presents some Finnish-influenced death metal. A nice stuff.

An album that is quite interesting that catches my attention to consume this album, musically they combine death metal with progressive and atmospheric elements, but there is something unique that they include atypical instruments such as Indian sitar, classical guitar, even accordion which brings a new perspective in the metal world. 

It's epic and tremendous prog-death album, in this album you will get death metal with heavy riffs, some strumming acoustic guitar, odd tempos, varied vocal style, stunning guitar solos, and some orchestra sections. Really sweet records.
A very prolific band releasing albums every year, it's the eighth album of their career. They are maintains consistency in their music with their style, by presenting Progressive death metal influenced by old school and thrash that sounds strong in every part, the packed instrument is quite capable of vibrating your heart, hypnotizing your mind, then destroying your senses of hearing. Excellent stuff.

It's a monstrous slamming brutal album, that came with more technical touches, heavy and strong riffs, nasty vocals, and thunderous drums. Musically in this album they offer some serious materials with more intricate songwriting and great productions, deserve to checking out.

An original brutality that present to assault uncompromize and merciless, with fast tempos, jolting riffs, prominent drumming, ferocious vocals, ruthless songwriting, and great technical touches. Savage and wild album.

Lovely melodic death metal that combine with magnificent symphonic element and slightly progressive touches. Along with powerfull vocal, crushing drums, beautiful synth, and incredible guitars solos. Overall have solid compositions that make this album  became an impressive and captivating records.

An amazing, enchanting, and invigorating technical death metal album that blend with progressive, melodic, and black metal elements and not lacking in intensity. The guitar melodies are incredible, solid, and crushing. The vocal are great-placed in the mix in some variety. Really impressive album.

This is sick dissonant technical death metal album with varied black metal influences and  often atmospheres approach, that exhibits endless and unmerciful sorrow and despair, with the music weighing more than ever, perfect songwriting, and choking aura, this album embodies the manifestation of depression, sadness, anxiety, and fear.

It's ambitious amalgam of Dissonant black metal, mathcore, and post metal with bleak atmospheres and a lot of emotional moments. In this new album the songwriting are more mature and conceptual, they present dark and gloomy riffs, eerie vocals, and powerful drums. This album offering a great taste with perfect satisfaction.

It's contemporary combination between dissonance, experimental, and aggressive of black metal with harsh vocal, characteristic riffs, unique sound, and devastating drums. An intense and venomous black metal album that defies the trends.

Some brilliantly written Avant garde black death metal with a touch of dissonance, bizarre post metal passages, and shrouded by horror atmospheres. It's a music from another dimension, that sound unconfortable, upsetting, terrible, and scary. 

Beauty, dark, and sad, this album give us an stunning journey, that deliver a blend melodic black metal and death metal with elements of symphonic, orchestra, and korean traditional music with astonishing maturity and emotional depth. It's got perfectly tempered music, elegant melodies, sweet and nice riffing, tasteful keyboard sections, heart-touching guitar solos, emotional vocals, crushing blastbeats, and much more. It's an incredible and memorable album.

A challenging and forward-thinking black metal with strong avant-garde and progressive elements, that combine dark, epic, and complex guitar riffs with changing tempos and unpredictable structures. It takes a high concentration to dig into and fully enjoy every part of this album.

It's a sensational album, the master are return with glorious masterpiece, demonstrate stunning progressive technical death metal music with a lot of melodic approach. Along with snazzy riffs, flattering guitar solos, swinging bass works, pushing drums, and relentless vocals. Outstanding skills from each member, prodigious songwritting, and top notch productions. They truly shred and crushing my mind with their musicality, really classy music.

It's a disgusting and rotten cavernous death metal that blend with dissonant structure, along with chaotic and murky guitar riffs, grimmy vocals, some delicious guitar solos, and unrelenting crushing drums. This album remind us that death metal is supposed to be sinister and uncompromising and tap into everything that makes the genre so great.

Oh man, it's a cruel debut album, a technical death metal music with wild riffs, aggressive and insane musical structure that inspired by old school action and strong thrash influences here and there. Althought they are new group but have got me with their best musicality craftmanship. Really killer album.

Musically it's a blend of progressive metal, atmospheric, post metal, and doom death metal with subtle riffs, smooth melodies, sweet musical structures, and cold guitar solos. This album invites you on an intellectual journey that portrays the psychological aspects, obscuring the mind, and dive into a repressed state of consciousness. Great conceptual album.

It's an intricate and dangerous amalgam of Death metal, Doom, Black Metal, and Avantgarde that hypnotic, devastating, and disturbing with dark ambient, bleak atmosphere, and eerie vocals describes a gloomy nuances. Quite unique and original.

They have evolved into deadly killing machines, from a tech / brutal background to a more focus on oriented death metal on their debut album. Flowing and dripping with discovery at every turn, they seamlessly weave technical elements with melodic and brutal flavors. With intense, fast and dissonant riffs, stunning solos,  dynamic fretted and fretless basses, punishing drums, and highly dynamic and unique vocals. Really promising material.

The master are return and offering brand new album with a beautiful harmonies, beautiful dynamics, great sounding catchy, sweet and epic guitar riffs, enchanting guitar solos, solid vocal, and electrifying drum works. This album aslo have top notch productions and brilliant songwriting, so I think this album really hard to miss for me.

A beautiful, epic, and grandiose melodic death metal album with stunning progressive elements, the aggressive vocals are well-placed in the mix, a lot of enthralling guitar solos, and the production is excellent. Overall, it's a very solid and cool offering from this band.

Such a great Icelandic technical death music that melt with beautiful melodic, lovely atmospheric, complex harmony, intense riff, and mesmerising solos. Stunning songwriting and top notch productions, really glorious album.
This album demonstrates a complex amalgam of technical and progressive death metal with some ethnic touches, thrilling and fast guitar riffs, stunning solos, intricate bass lines, incredible drumming, and great vocals. Really astonishing album.

Without further ado and bullshit, the band unleashes an assault with crashing drums and riffs that are sharp, piercing, and cruelly distorted. The attack immediately gave way to aggressive, dark, ferocious, and oppressive tone in a savage and insane manner. Really vicious and barbaric album.

An unorthodox blackened death metal album, full of chaotic riffs, vigorous drumming, and ruthless vocals, and dissonant song structure. Hellish, cruel, and fierce stuffs.
An aggressive progressive death thrash with nice groove metal and good songwriting. The vocals are generally good and varied. The riffs are great, competent and enjoyable. Oh it's an outstanding album, i'll be back to check this gems.

It's crazy and unique brutality album with signature sound, chaotic technicality, primitive progressive, heavy and filthy riffs, also incredible songwriting. Really ambitious and intriguing album, there's no reason for me not to check this one.

It's a brilliant amalgam of Atmospheric black metal, melodic death metal, post metal, progressive rock, and American folk musik. They demonstrate their music with monumental sound above pulsating riffs, flaring up bass, crushing drumwork, and ferocious vocals. It's epic masterpieces with glorious productions.

A nostalgic yet progressive and fresh take on Swedish death metal. It's not particularly fast, preferring to use a medium to slow tempo groove. The lead lines are melodic and memorable, there are some crushing riffs, and honestly the songwriting is rather good. The structure is reasonable, everything is cohesive, and the production is good. No reason to skip this one.

It's a glorious album, musically i think it's new wave of thrash metal that expertly combine elements of death metal, black metal, melodic, and progressive on their music. The riffs are catchy and sharp with biting sound, the song flows well from section to section with great production. This is a good debut album, and they are a band deserve more attention.

The brutal master return with a new pulverizing and killing album. The songwriting is delicious and different, that add stinky elements of technical, slam, and melodic. Full of enjoying, mind-blowing, and invigorating guitar solos with greasy, groovy, modern, and aggressive sound. Really a beast of album, I love it.

Oh man, it's wild and chaotic yet dynamic, sweet, and cinematic, they combine progressive metal with math metal, avant-garde, orchestral, tech-death, jazz, symphonic, and experimental. In this album you can feel something different records that packed with meticulous composition, diverse instrumentation, great vocal layering, and crazy mix. Really cohesive and enjoyable album that deserve to get more attentions.

It's a lunatic mixture of brutal death metal with elements of technical, slam, and dissonant death metal, along with great songwriting and production . It's a big step up from the previous materials, really sick album.

Again, they are come back with new badass album, delivers great technical death metal with strong thrash vibes as their trademark, this album have awesome productions accentuate solid riffs, catchy vocals, sick drumming, and excellent guitar solos. A lot of old school vibes that combined with some modern twist and sci-fi atmospheres here and there, it's an outstanding album.

Progressive death music that sound intriguing and invigorating with riveting songwriting, memorable guitar playing poured together in melodic death / doom metal with slightly brutality.
Nice to have these titans are back, with a wonderful album. In this album their music sounds mystical, bleak, furious, and devastating, that packed with dark and venomous riffs, jolting grooves, horrible growls, sinister howls, and electrifying drumwork. ​It's really outstanding album with weighty songwriting and incredible productions, can't stop to listening this one.

An intimidating blackened death metal album, that came with tight progressive embrace and a monstrous dissonance bursting, dances together into a cruel and devastating musical unity. An album that full of emotion, anger, and hatred that is depicted through eerie vocals, dark guitar riffs, also heavy drums. Not bad for their first effort, I think this is a solid album, I will back to consume it again.

Gorgeous debut album from young German group, they present catchy death metal with groovy riffs, brutal progressions, and the overall  executed flawlessly, really make this a captivating album. Don't miss this one.

For me this is an album that is difficult to digest and brings a crazy sensation when listening to it. A blackened death metal music with chaotic guitar riffs, psychedelic sound, noisy approach, pummelling drumming, and bleak vocal that creating a sinister atmosphere which bring you into a journey another dimension. I think I need more jamming this album.

It's crazy, unique, and exciting album, they are successful to blend avant-garde black metal with elements of hardcore, noise, jazz, electronica, experimental, and death industrial into a sick music form that always unpredictable, chaotic, and amazing. This is absolutely invigorating and astonishing, truly sinister music pushing the boundaries of modern heavy music with nightmarish sounscapes.

This is really an incredible album, that bring 90's melodic black/death metal that combined with some progressive elements. The song structure is extremely catchy, dark, epic, and exciting with excellent productions. It's a great form of ​some considerable intellect to fine taste in extreme metal.

It's dismal and sinister dissonant black/death album features chaotic riffs, insane vocal, eerie and harrowing atmospheres, unique structure, layered sound, and different songwriting as usual. The productions of this album is excellent, it's the top tier of dissonant music.

I think this album is more solid, sick, and heavy in the songwriting, and have great productions. They still on their style, play brutal death metal with a ton of technical flair. I'm getting something special from this album than previous album, really enjoy it.

An absolutely crushing combination of death metal, post metal, doom, progressive, and black metal. They all melted in comprehesive unity with explosive riffs, vicious growls, frightening screams, joyless pianos, dark synths, thunderous bass lines, and bursting blast beats. An emotive album.

Such beautiful album, a lot of catchy riffs, stunning guitar solos, and varied vocals with great productions. The melody penetrated and resonate in my mind, impressive proogressive melodic death metal album.
Incredible progressive metal that blend with fresh death metal influences, performing stunning instrumental playing, great vocal mix of clean and growl, creative songwriting, and good productions. This album going well, deserve more attentions.

Wow, this is really fantastic records. The compositions are dynamic, complex, groovy and engaging with solid vocals, and killer drums. It's brutal technical death metal with strong progressive elements. The performances are full of life and the production is incredible. Really great album.

A sinister blackened thrash metal with strong progressive and death metal element. The vocals are monstrous, the riffs are aggressive, intricate and fast. It's good album with incredible songwriting, an engaging records.

Chaotic, relentless, mind-bending death metal with progressive dance and a great sense of black metal and grindcore. Plenty of complex guitar and a huge variety of vocal delivery styles make the album exciting throughout.

This album really melted my brain, a record that demonstrate a wild mathcore/deathgrind with dissonant guitar, chaotic riffs, crushing drums, terrifying vocal, and heavy bass. Really an incredible album.
It's an interesting stuff, musically they play death metal with insane and bending riffs, dissonant and progressive, dark and bleak atmosphere, torturous vocal, also pummeling drumming.

Devastating and annihilating, the monster are return with new bludgeoning album. Offering brutal death metal with old school taste that combine with modern twist. Without a doubt it's one of heaviest album that released this year, so I will back to check this out.

A great conceptual album, which blasts dissonance from start to finish in the form of nightmarish death metal. Loading dark and gloomy guitar riffs, eerie vocals, crushing drums, sinister atmospheres, and vicious layered sounds. This album contains 2 long songs that a lot of scary moments that make goosembumps and hypnotic in the same time, really good records.

A dynamic and violence album that present sick blend of thrash and death metal with technical element, crushing and powerful riffs, killer drum, solid bass and vocals that will shred and smash you insanely.
Solid and catchy tech death with strong modern twists. The songwriting is quite creative and shows tremendous potential for this group, the riffs are quite good and varied, making this a worthwhile listen.
It's beautiful mix between technical, progressive, and dissonant death metal with heavy and catchy riffs, powerful vocals, devastating drums, dark atmosphere, and much more. All packaged into one sick formula that make this album so exotic and memorable. Really good record.

It's a death metal sounding that supremely dissonant, technical, and groovy, also simply unique in it's execution, they've honed their style made a sound that's nigh unmatched and also devastating. Super catchy and exciting album.

It's weird, wild, and chaotic. They blending black metal, death metal, and deathrock into a lunatic, epic, and cinematic music. I think this album is more melodic and more mature in the terms of songwriting, and the productions is pretty incredible.

It is death metal that is contemporary and practical, taking the best elements from all over and presenting it to perfection without needing to do anything. There's a sense of dissonance about their sound along with the sluggish doom metal influence with sharp and groovy riffs, without letting it all hit the inevitable momentum that will knock you out.

In this album, they deliver sweet prog-death metal with catchy rhythmic and melodic hooks, smooth songwriting, emotional intensity, stunning guitar works, well-placed vocals mix, also gorgeous drums. Everything merges with great productions, really interesting album.

Pure violent that bring by this death metal album, give us a doomy, eerie, and uncompromising old school death metal terror with intense atmosphere.

Holy fuckin shit, it's an album that I have been waiting for a long time, finally they are back with a magnificent and emotional album that composed with beautiful notes that flow, penetrate, and permeate the heart and mind. This album presents an extraordinary death metal performance, a mix of sublime progressive elements, serene melodies, and luxurious atmosphere. It's a glorious masterpiece that hit god-tier of death metal, really mindblowing album.

This is album sounds more mature, epic, and grandiose than their previous releases, a good combination of black metal and death/doom metal with dark atmosphere, smart progressive metal, layered and textured soundscapes, and nice craftmanship.

It's a fascinating album, proclaming classy death metal music with many elements in it, such as progressive, melodic, old school, and blackened. Creatively packed with unique, intricate, and solid riffs, stunning guitar solos, powerful vocals, and also some sweet synths that add this album more luxurious and memorable.

It is an extraordinary Tech-death album, carried on with a burning and fiery spirit, exploring the various winding paths and alleys of the atmosphere, and leaving a lasting impression at the end of it all. Few albums can produce this kind of calm and execution, leave a lot of moods and also don't meander long enough to lose the moment, they remain aggressive without losing emotional value.

This album was composed with exciting and atractive death metal riffs, tons of grooves and melodies as well as sharp technical sections, amazing bass playing, thunderous drumming, and solid vocals showing the band's skilled craftmanship. 

Insane Technical brutal material from these Germans on their sophomore full-length. Nothing wrong with this one, some cool riffs and moments, vicious and sick, especially as it goes on.
It's tasty death/thrash metal with some progressive touches, a lot of fast and aggressive riffs. Really exciting stuffs
Tasteful post-death worship from trio Portland. They build unique sound that blending Post, Progressive, Groove, and Black Metal also Dissonance and Modern sound into strong death metal composition with heavy passion. They meld a variety of genres but remain wonderfully coherent, so don't miss it to check this gems.

It's menacing death metal music with strong brutal and old school influences, well-paced technicality and slightly progressive touches that all fit on the mix. Along with fast tempos, aggressive riffs, intense blasting drum, pounding bass, and savage vocals. It's a killer album, i'll be back again to check this great stuffs.

In this album they innovate in composing extreme music which is manifested in progressive death metal compositions with strong avant garde and experimental sense, challenging guitar riffs and smashing drum playing, vicious vocals, and electrifying bass. This album takes the listener on a mind-bending and psychological with genious musicality.

Pretty fun album, excellent mix of melodic death metal with just the right amount of symphonic element. Beautiful riffs, nice groove, heavy beat, with female vocals. Gotta revisit to check it.
It's chaotic and dissonant blackened death metal with vicious riffs, harsh noise sound styles, cavernous growls and scream vocals. This album give a sinister atmosphere and horror that make me quite goosebumps when listen it.

Fast, chaotic, intricate, dark, grimmy, and blistering technical black metal with big influences of dissonant, avant-garde, math metal, progressive, and slightly death metal. The songwriting are unpredictable and insane as usual. This records fit to hanging out on your playlist, if you want crazy stuffs.

Definitely complex, varied, and challenging album, that offering a great combination of black metal, progressive, post metal, shoegaze, technical, melodic death metal, etc. All of these things come together to create a dynamic and engaging album with wonderful ideas and brilliant songwriting. I get something different and nice experience after listening this album, so you should try to check this one.

A progressive death metal album that showcasing stunning guitar work that’s both eerie and perplex, crushing drum playing, pummeling bass performances, and great vocals. The music is often disturbingly hallucinatory in its passionate, minor-key guitar plot, attacking and punishing. Great album.

This album puts forth a teasing mixture of progressive sludge and blackened death metal with such a range of emotion and styles of riffs. Definitely a fun album.
This album has awesome classic late 80's early 90's death metal tone, thrash metal vibes here and there, great songwriting, and stunning productions. A fantastic album that present unlimited creativities with good craftmanship from each member. Of course, i'll be back to check this great stuff.

It’s pretty interesting and different stuff, progressive death metal with dark romanticism, black metal influences, bleak expression, and even some gothic rock also dissonant vibes. Really hits the right spot on me and blow my mind, highly recommeded to chek this great opus.

A beautiful combination of death and doom metal that blend with some elements that encompass of progressive, avant-garde, post-metal, and jazz built on an unique musical experiment saturated by melancholy tones, dissonance structure, melody solos, epic riffs, varied vocals, and enjoyable drumming. Interesting stuff.

A sweet and beautiful mixture of atmospheric black metal with progressive passages, also doom and post metal influences. Along with diversity of instrumental plays that fascinating and mesmerizing. It's so powerful in creating moods, really stunning and invigorating album.

Sensational, this album deliver something unique, invigorating, emotional, weird, and chaotic. Musically they mix black metal with smooth touches of jazz and shoegaze elements. The songwriting is brilliant, and the production is absolutely stellar, everything meshes together so well. I can't say anything again about this masterpiece, really glorious.

It's a sick combination of sharp technicality and fierce brutality with solid riffs, fast tempos, pummeling blast beats, sweet melodic solos, savage vocals, great songwriting, and superb productions.

This album sounds more mature and fresher than their previous album, still consistently playing Epic Progressive / Atmospheric Black Metal. Pretty impressive album.
An Atmospheric Black / Death metal masterpiece that gracefully unites with progressive / psychedelic extremes that bend reality from the top of the line to separate and transfer listeners' awareness of reality. Sonic dark matter that elevates their imaginative and visionary powers to unseen heights, opening up a world within the listener to be attracted, trapped, and dissolved in consciousness and self.

In this album, they creates something new that is more aggressive, but not eliminating their traditional sound. The Progressive and Avant-Garde elements that have been doubled into her sound over the years are fully featured, amplified and sculpted more perfectly. The composition of the album is so confusing, the tempo shift is reckless, the melody is special, and the mix of riffs that are different and unpredictable, all of which produce an astonishing effect. This album is arguably their most fully realized album to this moment.

It's excellent thrash death metal with aggressive and catchy riffs, great dynamics, a technical influences, and modern twist. I'll be back to check it again.
Trully original and unique album, present a nice fusion of black metal, dissonant death metal and grunge music into one cohesive ensemble with many progressive metal and atmospheric elements. The soul-driven guitar playing paved the way for creating a deadly melody assault, accompanied by pathetic vocal scream, and focused drumming. An invigorating and great conceptual album.

It's a triumphant, cold, and fierce black metal with epic melodies and classic symphonic laden. A totally stunning album with music so powerful, comfortable, and rich that I just can't stop listening to it, really magic and majestic.
The album takes inspiration from a mix of influences including progressive, technical death to 90s Swedish black metal, old school heavy metal, and jazz to create a unique melodic black metal style interwoven with death metal influences. This album keeps on impressing me with aggressive riffs, sweet harmonies, emotional vocals, and truly hypnotic and indulgent guitar solos. Overall, this album presents an extraordinary and riveting musical composition.

It's excellent stuffs, deliver chaotic death metal with noise influences. Maybe I need more time and more listen to get fully digest on their materials, but overall it's so good album, so i'll be back to spin this records again.
A dark and evil aura emanates from this album with scattered dissonance full of chaos enveloped by a tense atmosphere. These records are an uninhibited, seething, gloomy form of negative emotion. A cosmic unorthodox Blackened Death metal attack that includes ideas about life and death, time loss, and grief that will punish you in the a maze of despair.

A gruesome death metal with bold technicality and vicious old school tastes. Come and packaged with dark riffs, solid vocals, and varied drums works. Really great album with sick songwriting.
Competent and high quality  melodic death metal, fast melody riffs with catchy technical vibes and stunning guitar solos. Not particularly unique but quite enjoyable.
This is truly good stuff, Italian death metal with intense atmospheric touches, groovy parts, catchy riffs, solid vocals, beautiful bass works, crushing drums, technical songwriting, and bombastic sound. This is a stunning album.

Yeah, it's an outstanding dissonant death album, features a prominent and euphonious dissonant tones, diverse and dense technical guitar riffs, great melodies, complex songwriting, and bellowing and roaring growl vocals. Really a great and magnificent album, one of best dissonant offerings of this year.

The fierce music that sows chaos and destroys the brain is slowly embodied in this album. You will get the torment of the Blackened Death Metal with the tempo slowed down and decreased as if making the battle spinning speed stronger. The unholy rumble of the guitar, which penetrates the headroom with riffs that drag in your face and poison your brain. What an album that will catch you.

A solid death metal album featuring a mix of raw melodic death metal, extraordinary progressive touches, and a strong old school essence. This album impressed me, lots of fun moments, and the production was simply incredible. It's worth checking out this gems.

This records is chuggy, heavy, and groovy, demonstrate technical death metal with some mixture of doom, sludge, and grindcore. Really excellent.

It's an album that stole my attention, deliver dark, focused, and devastating black/death metal that relentlessly strikes with weighty and inharmonious guitar riffs, ruthless vocals, and torturous drumming. In this album also peppered with dissonant touches, searing nuances, and unpredictable textures. 

A ferocious death metal that blend with good portion of thrash metal, that peppered with fast and pulsating riffs, wild solos, powerful drums, and vicious vocals. Such a fucking sick album.
A tremendous thrash metal that fused with blackened death metal, progressive rock, and technical elements, nice and tight riffs, fast tempos, solid drumming, harsh and growl vocals, and good productions. It's a hight quality of thrash metal album.

This is new gems of avant-garde black death metal, mixing in new layers and ideas that present with riveting music, moving beyond what has previously been done in the genre whilst amplify what makes black metal sound nice. A great album from a band that shouldn't be ignored.

It's a bludgeoning Death/Black album, strike from beginning to end with agressive song structure, killer riffs, angry vocals, and intense blast beats. Promising materials.
The long awaiting finally is over, they are back with fantastic masterpieces. This album deliver beautiful blackened death metal with a lot of gloomy melodies, dark and cold soundscapes, dramatic and freezing riffs, grim growls, and powerful drums that drawn with epic mid-tempos and a rich songwriting. It’s an accolade to classic death metal, performed with proficient skills of every members.

A unique and interesting mix, where death metal is combined with various elements such as shoegaze, dark ambient, post metal, doom, and black metal. Become a composition that sounds fresh and rare. Really recomended album for you to check it.

This album offers a unique and fantastic songwriting, mixing death metal with progressive touches, black metal influences, dramatic and haunting atmospheres to a wave of melancholy and epic. The resulting music is intense and intimate, really nice album.

This is an excellent thrash album, with strong progressive element and complex riffs, boundlessly creative and full of superb energy, also full of pummeling guitar solos. Really high standard of Thrash metal.

Harrowing and sinister dissonant death metal album, offering abrasive, heavy, dark, and pulsating soundscapes overall. It's different and unique stuff, need more crazy mind to get fully digest. Incredible records.

This record totally rape my ears, some amazing technical experimental death metal that will twist and wrap the mind, with perplexing guitar riffs that crush the passion.

A technical death metal album that is highly competent, proggy, melodic, blackened, and diverse. The music is really good, and everything is well written, making it a solid, and enjoyable listen. Lots of beautiful tones, mind-blowing guitar solos, and sweet musical structures. A grandiose album, it's really cup of my tea.

A sci-fi death metal is wicked but riveting, the riffs they play are weird and different from most other death metal bands, low tempo, and good songwriting. An album that mind-boggling, terrifying, and shaking.

It's interesting tech death album, they blend complexity, velocity, and melodies on their musicality. The songwriting is dynamic, and the productions is cool. So I think it's not bad to check this records.
There's a joy in this diverse and amazing death metal record that's hard to explain, musically it's sound like when technical death metal, progressive, mathcore, experimental, and sludge metal melted in one form, making superb, complex, and unpredictable structure. Really adventurous, invigorating and stunning album.

An epic and thrilling style of melodic death metal that incorporates with black metal, thrash, and old school influences, technical guitar riffs, and dynamic structures. An unmissable records that come with great productions, for sure i'll be back.

It's a barbaric and bold black death metal, in this album they have explored their music much more challenging, combining elements of aggressive thrash metal, dark melodies tones, and a few progressive touches, also old school breath and bleak atmosphere that blended in their own style. Overall it's an interesting album, you need to check this ones.

It's mind-bending blackened death metal, with chaotic and unique guitar works, dark atmosphere, dissonant and experimental structure, and highly unpredictable. It takes a healthy mind to be able to digest their music.

Wonderful and furious blackened death metal with a dissonant, chaotic, and complex edge, also bring dark atmosphere. Along with devastating guitar riffs, psychedelic arpeggios, vicious vocals, and crushing drums. It's fucking awesome, a powerful album that annihilates all will, give the listener a melancholy and strong impression that lingers for a long time in the bottom of their heart, really stunning album.

It's a sweet microtonal avant-garde black/death metal with some sludge and progressive influences, with brilliant songwriting and great productions. Their music filled with chaos, beauty, elegance, and awkardness. Worth to checking out.
This album is composed of a succulent melodic musical structure, fast and technical riffs, charming solos, some beautiful synths, energetic vocal and executed with epic finishes and unpredictable plot. What an enchanting album.

It's really good album, providing technical death metal with good compositions, dark and heavy riffs, amazing guitar solos, beautiful bass tones, solid vocals, and pummeling drums. Love this album, surely this is one of outstanding releases that come this year. 

It's a monstrous brutality from Indonesian territory, with groovy touch and modern twist, tight riffs, vicious vocal, classy songwriting, and great productions. Really nice and delicious brutal death metal.

Oh man it's like a virtuoso show on neo classical tech-death music, every instrument stands on its own merits without detracting from the other players. Classy and beautiful riffs, outstanding bass tone, and mind-blowing guitar solos. It's absolutely stunning instrumental album that I listen in the recent times, really love it, and surely i'll be back.

In this album they have combined all the creative parts of their dark musical and produced a rich, murky, cinematic, and exciting album that embracing black metal, death metal, progressive, avant-garde, and post punk. An album that arouses many emotions and offers a different journey, and new vibes when listen it , really amazing.

The Italian monsters return with a boombastic album, deliver intense and uncompromise brutality with groovy and complex structure, heavy guitar riffs, barbaric vocals, and punishing drums. With this album make the band straight to the forefront of the genre. Italian brutal death metal is never disappointing and always have something special on the songwriting.

It's a stunning progressive death metal album, the production are great and the songwriting is killer. A lot of catchy and exciting riffs, tight structure, amazing vocals, and mesmerizing guitar solos. Not dissapoint after long awaiting this album released, it's fantastic work.

Oh man they are back with new album that more heavy and complex. The combination of slam, modern tech death, and deathcore become their mainstay on this album with hideous riffs, shredding blast beats, fearsome vocals, and thunderous bass enough to induce a deeply pain. Love this productions, really great album.

It's a death metal music with a mix of diverse styles and influences, there is technical, blackened, melody, and progressive. The riffs are dark and complex with unpredictable structures, the songwriting are brilliant, and the productions are incredible. 

A prodigious death metal offering with strong influences from Technical, Blackened, Thrash to Grindcore into one unified formula in the form of the most powerful weapon to destroy everything, full of double kick drum explosions, offensive guitar riffs, and dystopian roars. It is pure anger, being an anthem that represents the current state of the world filled with cruelty and chaos.

Their music has evolved more than ever before, with the mix of musical elements that are more colorful, making this album really show tremendous progress. The progressive, dissonant influence that blends with unrelenting black metal makes this record even stronger and will become the choice of main playlist in the next few years.

It's a seductive album, deliver qualified old school death metal with elements of doom, progressive, and psychedelic, they present murky riffs, nasty vocals, gloomy atmospheres, and pummeling drums.
UK Tech-death band is never disappointing, always amazing and mind-blowing as usual. This album show us the great tech deaturh music with incredible songwriting, memorable structures, elegant melodies, tight guitar riffs, soaring guitar solos, solid vocals, and crushing drums with top-notch productions. Easilly, it's one of best technical death metal releases that come in this year. Of course, I will back again.

This guys return with new phenomenal album, delivers fantastic deathcore music with strong progressive influences and some death metal element. This album has killer blast beat, heavy and crunchy riffs, tremolo picking, some beautiful melodies sections, and great vocals mix. Some interesting album that hard to miss.

This is an unique and well written proggressive death metal album with intricate, heavy, and tight riffs, prominent bass, a bunch of crazy leads, massive dynamics, haunting vocals, and a sweet touches of jazz elements. With this album make this project goes further down the path of progressive extreme metal, really solid.

Great records where every song in this album composed of melodies, fast, catchy and twisted riffs. They also enriches variety the music such as blackened, progressive, and brutal that packaged on gallant death metal music.
It's an emotional blackened death metal album, with intense riffs, disturbing atmospheres, tortured vocals, and tremendous material that an evolution of their previous materials. Great album.
Delight and surprising debut album, they called their music as Extreme Wizard Metal. Musically the magic combination of melodic death metal, folk, power metal, symphonic black metal, and technical elements with epic riffs, brilliant orchestrations, solid compositions, stunning songwriting, and great productions that features some best musicians in this group. It's will be a memorable album, really amazing.

The cold black metal attack that combined with the sharp death metal, created a fierce and dangerous composition. With wild riffs they raged like wildfire ready to burn and scorch every part of life.

It's most ambitious records on their career, in this new album they add some modern twist and progressive approach on their music that made sound more strong, delicious, and dramatic, that come with lurching riffs, eerie melodies, and grinding parts. It's a pummeling and crushing old school death metal album that give us a new taste, surely I will jamming this album again.

It's a dark and gloomy death doom metal album that creating an atmosphere of despair that is engulfed in sadness with full of harrowing moment. Delivered through cold chords, eerie trembling tones, terrifying growls, melodies moaning and crying, cruel riffing, pounding drum beats, murky guitar and bass rhythms, and grisly guitar solo. Really a sick album.

It's an epic album, Extreme Symphonic/Progressive death metal with solid compositions, sinister growls, destructive riffs, dazzling guitar solos, heavy bass lines, devastating drums, and with immensely intense atmosphere. Really good stuff.

It's unique blend of brutality, technicality, groove, and progressive elements into one classy death metal compositions that blown my mind. Really amazing album from start to the end, will nothing disappointed to check this gems.

This is an excellent album featuring daring, experimental, and merciless music where they combine grindcore, death metal, sludge, noise rock, punk, and hardcore into one form with dissonant structure. Surely it's an interesting, chaotic, and unique album.

I've always preferred technical/melodic death metal than normal death metal. I usually insist on having some sort of melody to follow or an atmosphere to get lost in. And on this new album, Zac Leaser again offers Tech-death music with so many melodic element that winning my heart and poison my mind to get lost into. Surely it's sensational album.

A stunning and mesmerizing black metal album with strong influences of Avant-Garde and Progressive metal. The compositions are dark, the melodies are scary, full of killer riffs, eerie synths, ferocious vocals, and crushing drums. Overall, this album are unique and wonderful, there are simply so many takes on the genre here and exploring new sides of the sound makes them all the more exciting.

It's a solid album, features a mix of epic black metal, powerful and cinematic symphonic metal, and mesmerizing melodic death metal with beautiful songwriting and great productions. The riffs and guitar solos quite impressive, also the vocals are incredible, i'll be back to visit this records.

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