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Favorite Albums of January 2022

Wow, it's really beyond my expectations, at the beginning of 2022 we have been presented with some very enchanting albums, this is an extraordinary kicks off of this year. Well, as usual at the end of every month I will share some albums that I think are the best releases that are worth checking out. This is only based on my opinion and sorry if your favorite album is not on this list it doesn't mean a bad album but again this is based on my taste.

Yeah, without further ado this is a list of my favorite albums in January 2022, here we go!!!

1.Aethereus - Leiden

This album delivers a wonderful mix of technical and progressive death metal with beautiful melodies, majestic orchestral, and melancholic string that executed with their own styles. I really love their work in this album showcasing a lot of beautiful bass lines, fantastic riffs, mind-blowing and heart-touching melodic solos, explosive drums, and very incredible vocals. All this guys did awesome work, giving a good balance between sweet melodic and aggressive elements, producing such an incredible shape for this album where everything is properly dosed and has already a memorable sound. For me this is an amazing album and it is a own pleasure to be able listen to this album with their great taste in music.

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2.Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion

This is an album full of expansive and large exploration, they cleverly combine the horrors of black metal with a strong avant-garde and progressive twist, horrific dissonance, and then the unique, weird, and bleak ambient adds weight to the scary of this album. The album also features dark and chaotic guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, ferocious and haunting vocals, and incredibly energetic and devastating drums. The songwriting is brilliant and the production is outstanding. They are always able to hypnotize, enchant, and amaze the listeners with their quality and promising music.

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3.Dysnerved - Man In The Middle

This album provides us an incredible musicality that offering a perfect blend of avant-garde/dissonant death metal and experimental black metal that plays in an atmospheric style with some element of post metal and melodic approach. The productions is really outstanding and the songwriting is brilliant with wonderful craftmanship from every player. The selection of gloomy, dark, and bleak notes with an unnatural and unpredictable structure gives a sense of unsettling and tizzy that is shrouded in a gripping and frightening atmospheres from beginning to the end. I can't get enough to listening this album, it's amazing and addictive, great effort from this band.

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4.Wilderun - Epigone

This is a progressive/symphonic metal masterpiece that full of epic melodies, glorious orchestra, soundscape that are bombastic, cinematic, lush, and emotional. In this album song by song flows beautifully with incredible transitions, everything is so perfectly written, every riff, every part in this album is wonderful and outstanding. It's really good and impressive, very satisfied to enjoy this album.

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5.Nihility - Beyond Human Concepts

It's an outstanding album, the riffs and the melodies are fantastic. It's a perfect blending of technicality, progressive, old school feels, melodies brutality, and chiling black metal in the great form of solid death metal. Every song in this album loading an aggressivity, complexity, insanity, and extremity that will crush the ear holes. This album is really fuckin killer, no joke, and seriously addictive.


6.Truculency - The Dome Collector

An album that is very difficult to digest and accept for the casual listeners, they demonstrate technical brutal death metal music with unpredictable musical structure, crazy songwriting, relying on dissonant and twisted guitar riffs, nasty vocals, and intricate drum. Everything executed extreme and aggressively with varied tempos. It's an album that bombarde my ear hole from start to finish, really a great effort from this band.

7.Shadow Of Intent - Elegy

This is a solid deathcore album that I love it, they don't just rely on breakdowns but also play great harmonies and dynamics. In this fourth album they offer music that is very thought-provoking, they mix several elements very well, from the majestic symphonies, the glorious melodies, to the strong technical and progressive influences that are combined into an amazing masterpieces. For those of you who are looking for a deathcore album with a different touch, this album is superb.

8.Celeste - Assassine(s)

I really love this album since the first single is dropped, it's a masterpiece of a hateful album, musically is a great blend of black metal, sludge, and post metal. The guitars are crunchy, wild, and gloomy with haunting, melancholic, and beautiful riffing, the vocals are emotional, sinister, and monstrous, also the drums shows are incredible. Overall, this album produced very well with incredible songwriting.

9.Burned In Effigy - Rex Mortem

This album really blown my mind and my heart was beating fast, you know what a feel to get something you want for a long time, and suddenly you just get that wish, well that's how I felt when I first listening this band. Musically, this band offers death metal with sweet melodies, beautiful neo-classical elements, and some technical parts that strengthen the layers of this album. Ahh, it feels like this band has captivated me from the first impression, really amazing album in my opinion.

10.Needless - The Cosmic Cauldron

This album offers us progressive death metal music that fuses with thrash, melodic death, and black metal elements, you will find a series of sharp, fast and catchy guitar riffs, inebriating harmonies, brilliant and riveting guitar solos, varied vocals, also amazing bass and drum plays, everything packaged beautifully with elegant songwriting and pretty good production. For you fans of Vektor, Death, Dark Tranquility, and even The Faceless, this album should not be missed.

11.Sarcasm - Stellar Stream Obscured

This is an extraordinary offering from the band, they managed to combine the cruelty of black metal and softness melodic with various elements, such as doom, old school, technical, and even progressive which were concocted with extraordinary compositions that featured the guitar riffs that are complex, fast, and dark. A monstrous and eerie vocals, heavy bass lines, and intense drums. Their guitar solos often hypnotize us with his extraordinary and enchanting leads. In terms of songwriting it is very creative and unique which is reinforced by a good production. Yeah, it's good album that deserve more attentions, and I think this album a must for melodic death metal fans that should not be missed.

12.RGRSS - A World Of Concern

This album offering a great combination of death metal and grindcore with a various sound, such as brutal, progressive, dissonant, dark, chaotic, and sometimes also melodic, so that easily accessible to most metal music lovers. They produce it like making a cocktail, blend various ingredients and then mix it with the right dose selection that creates an endless enjoyment and satisfaction. The songwriting is unique and incredible with outstanding productions.

13.Druid Lord - Relics Of The Dead

A wonderful death/doom metal album that features dark and ghastly riffs, haunting guitar solos, horror atmospheres, terrifying vocals, and clobbering drums. The production is pretty damn good, with a sinister tempo as if this music is slowly tormenting us until we fall into a pit of anxiety and emptiness that created by this album. It's really solid album that penetrare the minds and souls, highly recommended.

14.In Loving Memory - The Withering

An album that immediately touches the heart of every death doom metal lover, and gives a sense of satisfaction when listening to it. The beautiful, soft, and epic tunes are wrapped in a melancholic and sometimes sad nuances with a luxurious and majestic soundscape, a progressive and strong melodic touch makes their music in this album feel more weighty than their previous releases. Well, after eight years of slumber, they are return and presented a great masterpiece this year, an album that should not be skipped.

15.Dark Millenium - Acid River

This album seems to invite us to reminisce with their old fun material, progressive death metal blends with very immersive doom metal wrapped in an atmosphere that fits perfectly with their classic release. The tempos changes of this album make their song structure is hard to predict it, the songwriting is creative as usual, and the productions pretty wonderful, yeah I think this is their best album since they reformed.

16.Necrophagous - In Chaos Ascend

This is the truly crushing debut album from swedish death metal trios, has a lot of powerfull and technical riffs throughout this album, the thick and monstrous vocals add a layer of threat from them. It's a satisfying and addictive debut album, with the suitable mix of elements making the album enjoyable and quite impressive. They seem to attack straight to the point, without further ado, as there is only intent to kill straight with one hit.

And this is my Favorite EP that released on January 2022

1.Vile Rites - The Ageless

This EP has steal my attention and took my heart in the first time I listened their music, and this is an oustanding debut records that deliver a quality progressive death metal with psychedelic touches, a lot of catchy and energetic guitar riffs, astonishing guitar solos, solid vocals, incredible bass lines, and wonderful drums. The songwriting is really fantastic with great craftmanship from every player. This is an amazing first offer from them, hopefully they will show more works in the future.

2.Uiv - Frigus

It's a perfect introduction to their identity, presenting strong dissonant music with broad, ambitious, and wild ideas, incorporating elements such as blackened, progressive, melodic, doom, and even psychedelic. All of these elements are melted into a wild arrangements. The songwriting is creative and brilliant, packaged into a great production. Yeah, I can't wait for more material from the band in the future, this is great effort from this band and deserves more attentions.

3.VoidCeremony - At The Periphery Of Human Realms

The material they offers in this promo depicts a bit of a difference in terms of songwriting, more solos that are astonishing and more challenging, also that the song structure is always unpredictable and superbly written.  


4.Krosis - E.V.I.L.

This is a very solid records, featuring a smoldering mix of progressive death metal and deathcore, with eerie and monstrous vocals, a dense, strong, and thick guitar riffs, great bass lines, incredibly energetic and powerful drums, also a soundscape that are melancholic, dramatic and cinematic. Well, musically I like this new records more than previous material, the music is more mature, unique songwriting, and great production. If you need something thick and heavy, this is a records worth checking out.