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Katharos Signed With Willowtip Records

Swedish symphonic black metal unit Katharos has joined with Willowtip Records to release their sophomore album this spring. Katharos was formed in 2006 at Stockholm, Sweden. The band has released debut album Exuvian Heraldry in 2017, you can listen it here

Willowtip Records's statement:
"The band exalts the Scandinavian black metal-sound with killer riffs, epic symphonic arrangements and crushing drums in the vein of Emperor & Dimmu Borgir and are ready to unleash their sophomore album this spring!  Be ready for a true Symphonic Black Majesty!"

And the band comment about this announcement:
"We are honored to announce that we have joined forces with Willowtip Records. Exciting times lie ahead, and we look forward to exploring the future with this revered label."