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Review: Burned In Effigy - Rex Mortem (2022)

Chicago based melodic death metal group Burned In Effigy just release their debut album is called "Rex Mortem", this album contain 8 song with duration 32 minutes.

This album opens with Doomsayer, a song that has a very straightforward melodic element, along with a sweet guitar riff, energetic vocals, and very strong drumming. A melancholic guitar solo with technical and neoclassical elements reinforces the beautiful feel of this song, then Artorias lashes out with its aggressivity, the riffs are fast and catchy, and allows the vocalist to employ different techniques while keeping our attention, then the guitar solo indulges us with this softness touch. The next track, Nightfall, exudes a neo classical feel that is intoxicating and has a soothing melody, soaring and fun harmonies, wrapped in soft and beautiful notes and then transitions to exciting complexity moments, while The Empiricist opens with a very sweet intro, greeted with a solid vocal scream, a very extraordinary bass line, and very energetic drums. The strong influence of neo classical, progressive, and technical here melts into a melodic composition that is very majestic. Hades strikes with his aggressive beat, his blazing vocals with catchy guitar accompaniment, letting the bass and drums create a fun groove, then Atlas played towards more progressive, heavy and dense riffs. The arrangement is very interesting, allowing the band to explore their music more broadly, the neo classical part is also still tucked into this track, which keeps the music beautiful and sweet. The next track Treachery comes with a higher level of aggressiveness, by accentuate its old school side which makes the rhythm even more interesting to enjoy. And finally the album closed with Vendetta, who has a very pleasant rhythm, very solid vocals, a very effective guitar amplified with very energetic drums, then hypnotizes us with a very astonishing guitar solo, and leaves us with a climactic satisfaction until the album ends.

Rex Mortem really blown my mind and my heart was beating fast, you know what a feel to get something you want for a long time, and suddenly you just get that wish, well that's how I felt when I first listening this band. Musically, this band offers death metal with sweet melodies, beautiful neo-classical elements, and some technical parts that strengthen the layers of this album. Ahh, it feels like this band has captivated me from the first impression, really amazing album in my opinion.