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Review: Dysnerved - Man In The Middle (2022)

Dissonant has become a new trend and favorite in the metal music scene, especially death metal and black metal in recent years. This style appears to be a new power that boosts the development of music. Yeah, in terms of musical structure it is more intricate and hard to diggest, but Dissonant gives an own sensation and addictive when listened to repeatedly. We can see the awesomeness of this music through popular bands of this style, such as Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, etc. Yeah, at this moment I want to review the debut album of the Greek band, Dysnerved that try to offer dissonant music too, this album is called Man In The Middle that released in January 13th, 2022.

Well, Man In The Middle is a nightmare that presented by the band that produced and written so perfectly where the guitar roar that spun from a series of dark riffs into motion as the strings was palm muted and then released into a terrifying burst of dissonance, the drums set the whole rhythm in this album that alternates between expansive melodic beats and a cacophony of blasting attacks, excellent guitar and bass performances bring stimulating dynamics to the core of this album with unlimited distortion, a harrowing howls and growl of vocals add to the sinister and anxiety engendered from a series of agonizing tonal dissonance parades from start to finish. In 33 minutes you will be shown how terrible this album is which opens with the track Rebirth that immediately explodes with bursts of unstoppable dissonance and closes with the track Production Line which gives a slashing atmosphere and seems to be a sign that the torture of this album will always imprint and will continue from time to time.

Overall, Man In The Middle provides us an incredible musicality that offering a perfect blend of avant-garde/dissonant death metal and experimental black metal that plays in an atmospheric style with some element of post metal and melodic approach. The productions is really outstanding and the songwriting is brilliant with wonderful craftmanship from every player. The selection of gloomy, dark, and bleak notes with an unnatural and unpredictable structure gives a sense of unsettling and tizzy that is shrouded in a gripping and frightening atmospheres from beginning to the end. I can't get enough to listening this album, it's amazing and addictive, great effort from this band.