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Review: Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What The Future Holds (2022)

Fit For An Autopsy is back with the brand new album is called Oh What The Future Holds that released by Nuclear Blast on January 14th, 2022. This is the fifth album during their career which started in 2008.

Well, this album opens with the title track Oh What The Future Holds, a short composition filled with thick and tight guitar rifs that slowly send a melancholy sound with a heavy vocals and aggressive drumming, which brings us to Pandora, this track combines haunting notes with heavy beats and kicking harmonies, sweet guitar solos that anesthetizes us and its breakdown part that smash our hearing defence. The next track Far From Heaven strikes us with a tight riff parade that features intricate compositions with a touch of smoldering anger, a suitable mix of clean vocals and screams bring their own flavor to this song, then In Shadows comes scatter its darkness with a crushing beat, heavy guitar, and powerful howl of vocals that wrapped on crushing structure. Two Towers, a very solid track that offers a more complex musical structure and a more weighty composition, by emphasizing an aggressive vocal style and a melodic touch that is hypnotizing and majestic, while the epic percussion intros leads us to the track A Higher Level Of Hate which features heavy guitar riffs, cruel vocals, and some weird sound effects that make this track sound even more terrifying, while Collateral Damage offers a vicious mix of fierce vocals and mesmerizing melodies wrapped in catchy compositions, I love the guitar solos part in this song, sounding truly awesome. Savages, attacking with a wild howls and energetic jolt, which explodes along with a heavy breakdown and some aggressive riff parts, then Conditional Healing offers a huge groovy with solid vocal accompaniment, explosive drums, and neck-breaking breakdowns. The album closed with The Man That I Was Not which offers a softness of dazzling clean vocals at the beginning of the song and then transitioned into more violent music with some soaring harmonics, which sends an endless suffering.

Overall, Oh What The Future Holds is a high standard deathcore album that has a different taste, where the use of breakdowns doesn't always dominate in every song, they replace it by adding some sweet melodies. The songwriting is outstanding, heavy and powerful guitar riffs will be found here and there, the vocal mix is ​​really good, and the drums are punishing. I also find some elements of death metal, hardcore, technical in this records, that still good and fit in their music. So I think it's a good album that deserve more attentions.