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Review: Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion (2022)

It doesn't take long for Krallice to launch their new work, well, the album titled Crystalline Exhaustion has just been released, this is their eleventh album in their career. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, Krallice is an avant-garde black metal band formed in 2007 in New York. Currently Krallice features of talented musicians who are well known by metalheads, they are Colin Marston (Gorguts, Encenathrakh, Edenic Past, Behold...The Arctopus, etc.), Mick Barr (Encenathrakh), Nicholas McMaster (Edenic Past, Geryon, Nightmarer, etc), and Lev Weinstein (Anicon, Geryon, Coral Cross, etc).

Krallice has mutated and evolved to become a savage monster in the black metal scene, they have also become one of the most respected in the avant-garde music scene, album by album that they release manages to bewitch the listeners with the luxurious compositions they always present. The new album Crystalline Exhaustion containt six song, that opened with Frost, a track that begins with a powerful percussive drum beat greeted by a dark ambient then transitions into eerie black metal music with a strong avant-garde touch, explosions of bleak dissonance spreading fear here and there, with the riffs throbbing in all directions, then the monstrous vocals create a sinister atmosphere, and with the long duration this track manages to rape our minds with its dark taste. Next track Telos, create a more frightening atmosphere, with the accompaniment of a gloomy keyboard, they weave dark notes through the aggressive guitarist playing, and unmerciful drums hitting, the dark dissonant sound still dominates here, which can drown us in feelings of deep anxiety and fear, then Heathen Swill spouts a sinister dissonance with a guitar roar that cuts to the heart and mind, ferocious vocals that seem to sow intense hatred, executed with heavy bass lines, and truly punishing drums. Archlights, continues the torture on this album by launching a very fast and aggressive drum attack, with a sprinkling of hypnotic and intoxicating guitar riffs, and dissonance that seems to increase from track to track with each level of horror. Next track, Dismal Entity ripping through with its violent and chaotic riffs, its blazing drums tearing us apart and pounding us with a hefty punch, the gloomy ambient creates a goosembump atmosphere, and then the incredible bass section plunges us back into relentless torment. The last track closed this album is the title track Crystalline Exhaustion, the song is filled with dark, gloomy, and eerie ambient, and then transitioned into heavy and powerful percussion drums. In between of this, the sharp screams of vocals came to surprise us and lead us to the end of the journey and leave us with the void.

Crystalline Exhaustion is an album full of expansive and large exploration, they cleverly combine the horrors of black metal with a strong avant-garde and progressive twist, horrific dissonance, and then the unique, weird, and bleak ambient adds weight to the scary of this album. The album also features dark and chaotic guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, ferocious and haunting vocals, and incredibly energetic and devastating drums. The songwriting is brilliant and the production is outstanding. They are always able to hypnotize, enchant, and amaze the listeners with their quality and promising music.