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Review: Krosis - E.V.I.L. (2022)

North Carolina based progressive death metal/deathcore band Krosis just drop their new records is called E.V.I.L. via Seek and Strike. This records contains 8 song and have duration about 30 minutes, so I prefer to call it an album than EP.

Well, this album opens with Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding), a weighty track, the composition is very interesting with some tight, catchy, heavy guitar riffs. The vocals are solid with accompanied some gloomy synths and powerful drums, that connects the rhythm to the next track, Begonia, the music is very kicking with a very solid soundscape, allowing the vocals to give room to the guitar to enchant us with some hypnotic and intoxicating melodies, the sound of vocals and drums are so heavy that it seems to hit every hole of our hearing, then Loss, drowning us with its very slashing intro, which gives a melancholy and dramatic feel, and then the vocals slowly lead us towards the more torturous music on the track Gladiolus (Orphan's Oath) with its very dense guitar riffs, gripping melodies, and angry vocals, here we are also spoiled with a very excellent bass session which is then greeted with eerie vocal screams and heart-piercing guitar solos. Hyacinth (Rejections of a Holistic Divine), a track that still exhibits a tight, strong, and heavy guitar riff, with a sweet and beautiful melodic harmonization, a very solid vocal adds a strong dynamic radiated in this song, an astonishing guitar solo connect it to the next track, Chrysanthemum (Talio Vindicta) with its cinematic intro, roaring drum sound accompanied by terrifying vocal growls, and aggressive guitar sound, here the changing tempos forcing us to only glued to enjoy every scorching melody contained in this song. Mors Voluntaria, a prologue of vocalist with accompaniment of gripping and chilling atmospheres that leads us to the closing track on this album, Every Virtue Is Lost, which begins with the beats of punishing guitar riffs, and heavy pounding drums tormenting throughout this song, ​until the terrible vocals close the album with a sense of dread that will continue to haunt.

Overall, E.V.I.L. is a very solid records, featuring a smoldering mix of progressive death metal and deathcore, with eerie and monstrous vocals, a dense, strong, and thick guitar riffs, great bass lines, incredibly energetic and powerful drums, also a soundscape that are melancholic, dramatic and cinematic. Well, musically I like this new records more than previous material, the music is more mature, unique songwriting, and great production. If you need something thick and heavy, this is a records worth checking out.