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Review: Necrophagous - In Chaos Ascend (2022)

At the beginning of this year I was excited to listen the debut album of Swedish death metallers Necrophagous is called "In Chaos Ascend" released by Transcending Obscurity Records on January 7th, 2022. This project formed by members of Entrails and Visceral Bleeding on 2019 at Sweden.

In this debut album, the band try to offer the perfect mix of old-school death metal and a somewhat modern sound. In Chaos Ascend ends up being kind of nostalgic for us with 90s death metal with a modern twist on the outer sides. In short, their material sounds like a medieval era from Morbid Angel mixed with Vader and Hate Eternal material written in their own style. Obviously, their material tantalizes listeners' taste buds for tasty and very interesting death metal material.

Necrophagous knows how to give something interesting, opening with "Order of the Lion" is the spark and spirit burner of this album, which is followed by tracks such as "At Dawn Thee Immolate", "Traitors and Pendulum", "Wolf Mother", "In Chaos, Ascend", until this album closed with "Wreaker of Pain". All the material on this album is designed to destroy you guys, they knit it together in catchy guitar riffs with some technical flair and weird proggy touches, along with monstrous vocals, incredible bass line, and devastating drums. The songwriting is engaging and the productions is pretty outstanding.

In Chaos Ascend is the truly crushing debut album from swedish death metal trios, has a lot of powerfull and technical riffs throughout this album, the thick and monstrous vocals add a layer of threat from them. It's a satisfying and addictive debut album, with the suitable mix of elements making the album enjoyable and quite impressive. They seem to attack straight to the point, without further ado, as there is only intent to kill straight with one hit.