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Review: Needless - The Cosmic Cauldron (2022)

This is the sophomore album of Hungarian progressive death thrash metal outfit Needless is called "The Cosmic Cauldron" released by Uprising! Records on January 7th, 2022.  

The album opens with Warvoid A.D., a first track with a nice intro, a sharp melody joined by ingenious harmonics and progressive element. Next track Astrogate The Spectral Lane, a track with a fast and catchy riff, offers vocals with eerie screams and heavier howling with epic instrumental accompaniment, well this song sounds more intoxicating with a twisting melody and brilliant guitar solos. The Predation and Mournful Heavens, tracks on this album, have a darker and heavier arrangement, with majestic melodies and monstrous vocals, also riveting guitar solos. The Cosmic Cauldron, the title track of this album, gives us fast riffs supported by powerful blast beats, effective patterns, and more varied vocals, then Odium continues this path with a series of piercing leads, energetic and exciting riffs, then The Prism Fortress returns with haunting and scary tones, even the melancholy that we feel in its rhythm. An inebriating harmonies lead us to Chroonaut with varied grooves, while offering passages that are sometimes dark, sometimes more subdued, as we can hear in these clean breaks, a serenity continues on the track Planet Oblivion, offering us a combination of stunning vocals and impressive with a touching melody, before the album closes with Transgalactic, a long track, they launch an attack with a series of sharp and amazing melodies, and finally end on the piano outro that slowly sinks us into the atmospheres of emptiness.

Overall, The Cosmic Cauldron offers us progressive death metal music that fuses with thrash, melodic death, and black metal elements, you will find a series of sharp, fast and catchy guitar riffs, inebriating harmonies, brilliant and riveting guitar solos, varied vocals, also amazing bass and drum plays, everything packaged beautifully with elegant songwriting and pretty good production. For you fans of Vektor, Death, Dark Tranquility, and even The Faceless, this album should not be missed.