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Review: Nihility - Beyond Human Concepts (2022)

Nihility is blackened death metal band that formed in 2012 at Porto, Portugal, their 2019's debut album "Thus Spoke The Antichrist" is really amaze me, and this year they are return with the second album is called "Beyond Human Concepts" that released by Vicious Instinct Records on January 8th, 2022.

Musically, their second album is more mature and aggressive in terms of songwriting, where guitar playing here seems to be the main show, Renato Barbosa constantly shows off his skills that cause extraordinary admiration, he weaves dark, dense, and technical riffs then executes them and transitioned into soaring, invigorating, and even jaw-dropping guitar solos. Miguel Seewald's bass playing is no less powerful, provide us an excellent performance of heavy and beautiful bass lines, the incredible drumming of Luis Moreira, where he strikes us with crushing, punishing, and explosive blast beats with no stopping, and all that wonderful instrumental is strengthened by the solid vocal character of Mario Ferreira, he shows amazing vocals, scary and terrible growls, what an amazing vocal technique. The opening tracks Martydom For The Herd, Destroying The Shackles Of Prejudice, or Beyond Human Concepts are the real proof how extraordinary this album.

Overall, Beyond Human Concepts is an outstanding album, the riffs and the melodies are fantastic. It's a perfect blending of technicality, progressive, old school feels, melodies brutality, and chiling black metal in the great form of solid death metal. Every song in this album loading an aggressivity, complexity, insanity, and extremity that will crush the ear holes. This album is really fuckin killer, no joke, and seriously addictive.