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Review: RGRSS - A World Of Concern (2022)

We got a unique stuff here, a debut album from Canadian death metal/grindcore band RGRSS is called "A World Of Concern" released by Life After Death on January 7th, 2022. RGRSS is formed in 2013 at Montreal, Canada, and they have a self titled EP that released on 2017.

This album opened with Thanatophobia, smashing with tight and fast riffs, intense drums, also scary vocal howls, this is a short composition that connected to the next track Innocence, in this track the musical structure sounds more dark and sinister with a series of heavy riffs and torturous drums. Opinion Leaders sounds more brutal with grindcore elements here and there, a heavy drum and bass line this time leads this track with catchy guitar accompaniment, that ready to tear and slice at any time. The next track is Social Consideration, still shows the heavy and torturous riffs with a stronger grindcore elements, this track sounds wilder and reckless, with some pretty impressive transitions. Egodeath, comes with a more chaotic musical structure, then Wrong Wire offer us a dissonant riffs, punishing drums, and really solid vocals, this is one of engaging track in this album. Another incredible track is Sickening Illusion, they delivers a strong dissonance burst in this track that dancing with some progressive elements, it's intense and unrelentless song. Fear Of Silence, a catchy and weighty track that mix of dissonance, brutality, progressive elements, and a melodic approach here, well this is a track that is more comfortable to listen, the structure is fun and enjoyable. And the last track is Sundered, an outro that closes this album with the dark nuances, a music that leads us to a farewell that is full of emptiness, in the hope that listeners will back to repeat and enjoy this album.

Overall, A World Of Concern offering a great combination of death metal and grindcore with a various sound, such as brutal, progressive, dissonant, dark, chaotic, and sometimes also melodic, so that easily accessible to most metal music lovers. They produce it like making a cocktail, blend various ingredients and then mix it with the right dose selection that creates an endless enjoyment and satisfaction. The songwriting is unique and incredible with outstanding productions. It's really solid album and recommended for you fans of Gaza, Full Of Hell, Gorguts, Suffocation, and Morbid Angel.