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Review: Sarcasm - Stellar Stream Obscured (2022)

Sarcasm is melodic/blackened death metal band that formed in 1990 at Upsala, Sweden. The band just release their fourth studio album is called Stellar Stream Obscured via Hammerheart Records on January 28th, 2022.

Through the Crystal Portal opens the album with smoldering rage, the complex and fast riffs rip us unmercifuly, the guitar solos kick in with their incredible melodies, and the solid vocals manage to amplify the captivating composition of this song, then We Only Saw The Shadows Of Life follow up with a tearing lead, the menacing roar of fury of the vocals integrated perfectly with the dark and grainy guitar riffs, which at times offered more technical elements but their effectiveness was always the band's hallmark. Ancient Visitors comes with a slow tempo, this is different from the previous two tracks, in this song they mostly devour the dark doom metal influence, the melody is very gripping and gives a very big dark aura. The duration of this song is the longest on this album, which allows them to more freely release their anger with a haunting melodies, then the band raise the tempo again on The Spinning Tomb, a track that strikes with its fast rhythm, heavier guitar riffs and guitar solos spoiling us with its beautiful melodies, before the band drown us into darkness on Obsidian Eyes, a track that torturing with eerie vocals and slicing guitar solos plunge us into deeper abyss of suffering on The Powers Of Suffering That Be, which pummeling us with an aggressive and epic guitar riff, with a solid old school influence and a bit of a progressive twist that more sharpens this song. Apocalyptic Serenity provide us back a softness with a more melancholic feel. This song is quite slow and heavy with devastating bass and drum lines, the amazing guitar solo brings us to the last track Let Us Descend, starting with a very dramatic melodic intro with a prologue from the vocalist leading us to a very powerful musical composition, where the darkness melodies dances along with the evil howls of vocalist that guide us to the end of this album's dreary journey.

Stellar Stream Obscured is an extraordinary offering from the band, they managed to combine the cruelty of black metal and softness melodic with various elements, such as doom, old school, technical, and even progressive which were concocted with extraordinary compositions that featured the guitar riffs that are complex, fast, and dark. A monstrous and eerie vocals, heavy bass lines, and intense drums. Their guitar solos often hypnotize us with his extraordinary and enchanting leads. In terms of songwriting it is very creative and unique which is reinforced by a good production. Yeah, it's good album that deserve more attentions, and I think this album a must for melodic death metal fans that should not be missed.