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Review: Shadow Of Intent - Elegy (2022)

Shadow of Intent is Connecticut symphonic/blackened deathcore band that formed in 2013. They have amazed me with 2019's album Melancholy, so I'm stocked to listen what will come next. Yeah, after waiting three years, finally this year they return with another masterpieces, they drop new album is called Elegy on January 14th, 2022, it's the fourth album on their career.

Farewell, the firts track that opened this album, it's a very tight and solid songs with lots of incredible guitar plays, powerful symphonic and atmospheres moments, also very great drumming, and the guitar solos that really blown me. Then, melancholic guitar intros starting the next track Saurian King, greeted with a monstrous growl like a beast ready to tear its prey at any moment, the song-structure in this track still tight, heavy and thick with some great breakdown that fit in this track. The Coming Fire crashing with a very great drumming and some catchy vocals, then pampering us with astonishing guitar solos that combines with chilling string and orchestras. Then Of Fury, maybe the track that has the most fun rhythm, the structure of the song is really enjoy to bang the heads or shake the bodies, then a heart-touching guitars strengthened this track to get a climax. Next track Intensified Genocide, is another great song with lots of nice vocal, catchy and heavy guitar riffs, incredible drums, and gorgeous guitar solos that shred my minds. Life of Exile, the slowest track in this album, more symphonic black metal influences here with melancholy atmospheres and beautiful guitar solos. Where Millions Have Came To Die, a track that featuring guest vocals, Phil Bozeman (Whitechapel) who adds solidity to this track, and again the guitar solos in this track really amaze me. Yeah, it's a fantastic track. From Ruin...We Rise, a heavy track with varied tempos, opening with cinematic and glorious orchestra, this song echoes with a very solid vocal bandage that is shrouded in anger and darkness, the slashing guitar solo adds to the eeriness of the song. Then we are brought to the next track Bloods in the Sands of Time, where in this song they bring guest vocals, Chuck Billy (Testament) to add weight to this song, I think this is one of the heaviest tracks, they try to include elements of death metal and thrash metal here, well and the results are so satisfying, it's a twinge punchs on this album. Then we are presented with instrumental track Reconquest, a sweet composition with an exotic atmosphere that leads us to the three parts of the close song Elegy. Well, Elegy has three parts that have their own uniqueness, Elegy I: Adapt, an epic and cinematic track with a sweet guitar solo adorns this song, this is a short but immersive composition. Elegy II: Devise, it's the heavier and has an orchestral moment that's grand, magnificient, brutal, bombastic and wonderful, this track also has an excellent bass section, and amplified by some really incredible vocals and hypnotic guitar solos. And this album closes with Elegy III: Overcome, a hard and heavy song that features tight guitar playing, quality vocals, some progressive parts, and varied song structures that make this song quite impressive and memorable as a closing track on this album.

Overall, Elegy is a solid deathcore album that I love it, they don't just rely on breakdowns but also play great harmonies and dynamics. In this fourth album they offer music that is very thought-provoking, they mix several elements very well, from the majestic symphonies, the glorious melodies, to the strong technical and progressive influences that are combined into an amazing masterpieces. For those of you who are looking for a deathcore album with a different touch, this album is superb.