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Review: Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler 2022 (2022)

Transcending Obscurity Records is an extraordinary label that always presents the best releases every year with the variety of genres they offer. The label was founded by Kunal Choksi in 2013 and based at Mumbai, India. Yeah, they always release amazing albums from bands like Paganizer, Wombbath, Depravity, Diskord, Replicant, etc. They also have a tradition at the beginning of every year to release a label sampler album, which is an introduction to some material from a new album that will be released in the future. Earlier this year they released "Label Sampler 2022" which packs 35 tracks from 35 different bands.

This sampler divided into several sessions. Let's go we start with first session "Death Metal" (Track 1-12), featuring track from Wombbath, Typhonian, Gateway, Vomitheist, Fumes, Intestinal Hex, Temple Of Scorn, Atvm, De Profundis, Thorn, Deus Vermin, and As The World Dies. Next session two they providing us "Black Metal" (Track 13-15), featuring track from Imperialist, Frozen Dawn, and Sisyphean. Yeah in the session three we got a lot of Death metal with varied style, such as Dissonant, Atmospheric, Technical, Brutal, or Experimental (Track 16-30), it's the long session in this sampler, we will meet the track from Replicant, Veilburner, Burial Hordes, Resin Tomb, Orphalis, Deathfuckingcunt, Dischordia, Michel Anoia, Logistic Slaughter, Byonoisegenerator, Klexos, Devenial Verdict, Dysgnotic, Mors Verum, and Spurn. Then session four "Grincore" (Track 31-33) we got track from Abaddon Incarnate, Henry Kane, and Ernia. And this sampler closed with session five "Doom/Sludge Metal" featuring track from Morbid Evils and Lurk.

Transcending Obscurity's Statement about this Label Sampler:
"This is easily our most interesting label sampler, showcasing our new direction with more extreme, challenging and innovative music than the conventional ones on our roster. While there is still a healthy mix of the two, the future will see more forward-thinking music on the label. Ultimately though, it's all about the quality of music, and like always, there's enough diversity where all of this goes. Most of the bands participating here have yet to come up with new album material so the pace of the releases will eventually be curtailed. There are still commitments to fulfill and towards that end we'll do our best but 2022 will definitely see fewer releases than the recent years preceding it. Our intention is to delve into the music and do justice to it, using the platform that we've created over the years to give it the output and push it deserves. As always, we can't thank the bands enough for working with us and entrusting us with the propagation of their music, and of course to everyone who has supported the label in any way."

Overall, this is an enxciting and engaging label sampler, from this sampler I can't wait and so stoked to listen new album from these band in this sampler, especially Fumes, De Profundis, Sisyphean, Resin Tomb, Orphalis, Dischordia, Mors Verum, Byonoisegenerator, and Spurn. Hopefully will be released this year. Yeah, great job for Transcending Obscurity Records.