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Review: Truculency - The Dome Collector (2022)

Truculency is a technical brutal death metal band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2007. The Dome Collector is their fourth full length album that released by Coyote Records in January 20th, 2022.

Last year, they has released four songs from this album, and the results were quite shocking among tech-death fans and even brutal death metal music devotees, the four songs they introduced earlier were quite anesthetizing and gave birth to more expectations for their music. I think this album shows that their music is stronger, more varied, and more complex in terms of songwriting than their previous albums. In addition to musical attacks with ferocious, dissonant, and super fast guitar riffs, nasty vocals, and intricate drums, in some songs they also insert several short guitar solo parts but sound unique, weird, and quite invigorating, like in the track The Battleground, The Cakling Host, and The Dome Collector. And also there are the most unique parts in this album, like in the track Doused In Fire, they pamper us with a soft, tranquil, and comfortable intro but eventually transition into violent and destructive music, what a surprising performances.

Overall, The Dome Collector is an album that is very difficult to digest and accept for the casual listeners, they demonstrate technical brutal death metal music with unpredictable musical structure, crazy songwriting, relying on dissonant and twisted guitar riffs, nasty vocals, and intricate drum. Everything executed extreme and aggressively with varied tempos. It's an album that bombarde my ear hole from start to finish, really a great effort from this band.