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Review: Uiv - Frigus (2022)

Earlier this year my attention was caught by the debut EP from Uiv, a mysterious project that based on Boston. The EP is called Frigus which was released on January 6th, 2022.

Frigus, a debut EP of a band that clearly had a lot of creative ideas and tremendous potential and talent. This EP includes 5 tracks offering great dissonant/blackened death metal music. The musical sensation with the influence of bands such as Ulcerate and Imperial Triumphant is immediately felt on the first track Tired Hands, playing a strong dissonance with a blackened aura, some weird melodic section, nasty vocals and incredible drum plays. Then, The Cycle Of The Elements, opened with a jarring distortion, this song wreaks havoc with a chaotic guitar riffs tucked into a wonderful technical flair, a stunning melodies solo, and wrapped in an abrasive nuances. Damn, the band's creativity comes more prominent on the third track of Frozen Tributaries, strong dissonance bursting that melted in a dark and intelligent progressive elements, strengthened by more chaotic and eerie vocals, and wild drumming. Mother, become a kind of the reducer from all attacks from the previous tracks. Finally this EP closed with the track Terrasleep, that mix dissonance with some dirty and dark doom elements, also some psychedelic elements that melted into a wild and chaotic arrangements.

Frigus is a perfect introduction to their identity, presenting strong dissonant music with broad, ambitious, and wild ideas, incorporating elements such as blackened, progressive, melodic, doom, and even psychedelic. All of these elements are melted into a wild arrangements. The songwriting is creative and brilliant, packaged into a great production. Yeah, I can't wait for more material from the band in the future, this is great effort from this band and deserves more attentions.