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Upcoming Album on 2022

January is the time when many new music publications will be released in this year, especially metal, this time I will be publishing a list of "Upcoming Album" of 2022. I've been monitoring a few releases that I think are worth the wait. Yeah, many albums are already on people's radar screens, thanks to announcements from late last year and a week in January that has passed. Among these, 2022 we will see a new album from band in this list. Okay, here we go!

Aethereus - Leiden

Allegaeon - Damnum

Amorphis - Halo

Arkaik - Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts

Atlantis Chronicles - Nera

Burned In Effigy - Rex Mortem

Celeste - Assassine(s)

Craniotomy - Ripped Out By Violence

Cryptivore - Celestial Extinction

The Devils Of Loudun - Escaping Eternity

Devoured Elysium - Void Grave

Embryonic Devourment - Heresy of the Highest Order

Et Moriemur - Tamashii No Yama

Godless Truth - S/T

Hath - All That Was Promised

Heavy Meta - Mana Regmata

Immolation - Acts Of God

The Last Of Lucy - Moksha

Near Death Condition - Ascent From The Mundane

Persefone - Metanoia

Pestilength - Basom Gryphos

Shadow Of Intent - Elegy

Truculency - The Dome Collector

Venom Prison - Erebos

Vorga - Striving Toward Oblivion

WAIT - The End Of Noise

Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade

Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What The Future Holds

Voivod - Synchro Anarchy