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Weekly Favorite Releases: 1/7/2022

It's the first week of 2022, I have a few releases that I've been monitoring beforehand, and then I'm compiling them into my favorite releases of the week. A great opening in 2022 with some incredible albums. Okay, without further ado, here we go!

Wilderun - Epigone (Century Media Records)

They never cease to amaze me, after success with their previous album Veil of Imagination, now they are back and release a new album is called Epigone via Century Media Records. Epigone is a progressive/symphonic metal album that full of epic melodies, glorious orchestra, soundscape that are cinematic, lush, and emotional. In this album song by song flows beautifully with incredible transitions, everything is so perfectly written, every riff, every part in this album is wonderful and outstanding. It's really good and impressive, very satisfied to enjoy this album.

Needless - The Cosmic Cauldron (Uprising! Records)

This is the sophomore album of Needless, a Hungarian death metal band. Musically, The Cosmic Cauldron offers progressive death metal music that fuses with thrash, melodic death, and black metal elements, in this album you will find a lot of sharp and catchy guitar riffs, brilliant and riveting guitar solos, passionate vocals, also amazing bass and drum plays, everything packaged beautifully with elegant songwriting and pretty good production. For you fans of Vektor, Dark Tranquility, and even The Faceless, this album should not be missed.

Necrophagous - In Chaos Ascend (Transcending Obscurity Records)

The truly crushing debut album from swedish death metal trios, has a lot of powerfull and technical riffs throughout this album, the thick and monstrous vocals add a layer of threat from them. It's a satisfying and addictive debut album, with the suitable mix of elements making the album enjoyable and quite impressive. They seem to attack straight to the point, without further ado, as there is only intent to kill straight with one hit.

Another Releases:
Dark Millenium - Acid River (Massacre Records)
Nocturnal Graves - An Outlaw's Stand (Season Of Mist Underground Activist)