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Review: Amorphis - Halo (2022)

Amorphis is one of the icons of progressive melodic death metal music who was born and shone in the 90s era with some of their masterpieces that are always impressive. This year they are return with a new album entitled Halo which was released by Atomic Fire Records on February 11th, 2022.

Northwards is the opening track to start this album, which showcases the grandeur of its sweet and epic melodies, then the mix of solid vocals with dazzling clean vocals gives this song its own uniqueness and the invigorating guitar solo comes to touch the heart and sticks in the mind. While the opera sound of the choir gives a mystical impression on this track. Moving on to the next track On The Dark Waters, a song that is more interesting in the structure. Its beauty is immediately felt as the music begins to play, allowing the band to spread an epic and intoxicating melodies between the powerful vocals and the mellow atmosphere. Its blaze of the music will continue to burn for a long time, while The Moon comes with very good vocal variations, crispy guitar riffs and very dynamic drums. This song contains an epic melody with several female vocal backing accompaniments adding the nuances that impressive. Windmane comes to shower us with a heavy and haunting sonority. Where the band ramps up its aggressiveness that combines the velocity and complexity of the guitar riffs, the drums burst with powerful beats and the dark notes produced by the keyboard create a somber nuances in this song without losing its melodic splendor and grandeur, while A New Land offers a more energetic composition, supported by solid vocals and impressive female backing vocals. The melody soars along with the exciting rhythm giving the band a cracks to create a beauty and giving a bit of breaks before When The Gods Came strikes with his aggressiveness presented by fast and catchy riffs, his vocals are very potential which combines solid growls and energetic clean vocals. In this track, they make darkness appear again through a majestic and complex soundscape. Its snaking guitar solo really immerses us in his ever-growing charm. Seven Roads Come Together spoil us with its epic sonority, where they let the guitars offer truly dazzling patterns with ever-hypnotizing melodies. While the vocalist fills a very vital role with the placement of the right vocal mix, then War offers a melancholy, dramatic and cold melody through a variety of soundscapes woven with dark tones resulting from a series of murky and gloomy rifs. The bleak chorus evokes an eerie atmospheres to this song that continues haunt. The next track Halo, a song that has a very soft and accessible structure, offers fantastic vocals accompanied by some very comfortable-sounding female backing vocals, then the flickering keyboard continues its beauty which combines with the euphonious and crunchy guitar riffs to create an impressive composition. The Wolf stomps with burst of a tight and heavy guitar riffs, the vocals are powerful and the drums really dense. They try to revive the old school feel with some more exciting influences in this song. My Name Is Night closes the album with a serenity born from the soft female vocals that sharing the place with clean male vocals that are impressive. This song is a very calm accompaniment that will guide us to a harbor full of peace and tranquility as the final of epic and memorable journey.

Halo is a very majestic and glorious masterpiece that offers the beauty of its sweet and dazzling melodies wrapped in various invigorating progressive elements. The songwriting is very solid and clear, that accentuating epic and complex notes, also the production is outstanding. This album proves that Amorphis is still a great role model when it comes to performing amazing and impressive music, so I think it's an album that should not miss for melodic and progressive music lovers.