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Review: Angel Rising - Immortal Volition (2022)

Angel Rising is one man technical/progressive death metal project that formed by Listenangel on 2018 at Marseille, France, they have released self-titled debut album on 2020, and this year they was released the second album is called Immortal Volition on February 12th, 2022.

This album opened with Thy Kingdom Fall, they immediately attacked with a high level of aggressiveness which was channeled through a series of fast, epic, and intricate guitar riffs, as well as very solid vocals. The dark melody is blended with the spices of velocity and complexity so that it becomes a deadly composition, then Upon The Vale continues its role to torment us even more with its terrible music, with the same composition in the previous song, but this track is packed with varying tempos, sometimes coming with speed like lightning striking, and sometimes also very sluggish that seems to torture us slowly before tearing us apart with its complex guitar melodies, and female vocals come to give us a little hope to survive all this torture. The Neon Ones a solid and heavy interlude, it's like a war drum beating signaling the torture is still going on and providing a cruel transition to the next track Immortal Volition, a song that has a varied structure, consisting of the notes that are dark, intricate, and even melancholic that sinks us deeper into feelings of deep anxiety and fear. Meanwhile, Persistence comes with high anger emanating from the terrible dual vocals and the slashing melodies that continues to flare up to spread hatred. After all the anger is culminate then it explodes into a very destructive and crushing evil energy, then Devil Particle came to fill the gap even more bleak, with torturous chord progressions poured into fast and aggressive guitar riffs, and its ruthless vocals that never ceased to sow hatred. Here they also put on an extraordinary performance of bass and drums that were executed wildly into a very savage weapon. Pull The Trigger is a solid track filled with heavy, catchy, and dense guitar riffs with terrifying vocals, and then its incredible guitar solos come to threaten and reveal once again the cruelty of this album before Nox Aeterna arrives to close the album with its composition that are gloomy, it can be seen from a series of dark and epic guitar riffs that wrapped in a sinister atmosphere and stabbing melodies, gives us a wound which will imprint in a long time.

Immortal Volition is an excellent offering from this project that delivers fear, cruelty, and torture embodied in a ruthless death metal form with a series of fast technical, epic and dark melodies, also dense, complex progressive elements. The songwriting is quite unique that balanced with a fairly good production. The varying tempo can be confusing at times and it's hard to predict where the direction is going, but overall it's a great death metal album, worth checking out and enjoying.