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Review: Autosarcophagy - Dolor (2022)

Autosarcophagy is duo blackened death metal band from Portland, Oregon, this project formed by Jax LaPoint and Chase Pozzi in 2017 with early name Disciple of Dzoavits and in 2020 they decide to change the name with Autosarcophagy. They was released debut album is called Dolor on February 4th, 2022.

The album begins with Dolor, a dark opening with a spooky and gruesome soundscape that carries a horror and goosebumps effect, before the rage explodes in Goddess Intrauterine with its dirty and dreary guitar riffs, and nasty vocals that oozes a sinister aura and bursting dark dissonance that will wrap til the end. Apotemnophilic Xenomilia comes with a series of heavy guitar riffs and dark tremolos exuding a fear to the accompaniment of terrible howling vocals, the great bass section provides a bit of respite before the savage vocals and chaotic guitar solos stomping its maximum fury, then Dyatlov Pass opened with a catchy bass guitar performances before the track changes its appearance to a sinister form with vicious and terrible guitar riffs, disturbing vocals, and torturous drums. Therianthropic Rebirth Follows the Carving of Bloodied Organs delivers its scary with horrific howls of vocals, slow at the start and then turning into a gruesome frenzy with a faster plot characterized by fast guitar riffs with a hint of technicality, barbaric vocals, and punishing drums with the cruel beat. Incantation Of Resinated Blood strikes with bursts of dark dissonance combined with complex guitar riffs, barking vocals, and intense drums that rumble and reverberate until the end, with this dark rhythm leading us to the track Cranium Sanguination, with a sweet melody greeting us at the beginning of song before the vocalist's vicious screams drag us into a more torturous dimension of music with dissonant, chaotic, and intricate riffs, roaring vocals like a thunder-strikes, allowing the band to vent their anger before the album closed with My Cadaver Decomposing In Forests Of Green, delivering an ultimate horror along with dirty, grimmy, and swirling guitar riffs, murky vocals, also devastating drumming. The dark tones provide a chilling interludes before the sinister atmosphere ends this album with the void.

Dolor is a very solid album that offering blackened death metal music with atmosphere here and there, dark dissonance, and occasionally melodic. The guitar riffs are grimmy, heavy, dirty, sometimes complex and chaotic, the vocals are nasty and disgusting, the bass performances are catchy and incredible, and the drums are torturous and devastating. This album gives the maximum effect of horror with a soundscape that is bleak, sinister, and harrowing. The songwriting is very unique with great production. This is a great offering from this band, I absolutely love it.