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Review: Brood Of Hatred - The Golden Age (2022)

Brood Of Hatred is a death metal project that formed by Mohamed Mêlki in 2010 at Tunisia. This year they was released a new album is called The Golden Age on February 25th, 2022 via Gruesome Records.

The album opens with God Over Demons, a track that has an amazing combination of dissonance and melodic. Its structure is very dense featuring a series of thick guitar riffs, heavy bass, and solid drums, along with incredible vocals, while guitar solos comes with an immersive melodies that immerses us in the nuances it creates, then Self-Destruction strikes with a heavy dissonance and a melody that continues to menace, this song also maximizes the progressive elements that make the composition stronger and more interesting. We will be spoiled by catchy guitar riffs from beginning to end, incredible drum performances, and uplifting vocals. What a very solid song. The dissonance becomes even more terrifying as Genesis reverberates, the musical structure is more varied by fusing the gloomy melodic with several elements that evoke passion and emotion at the same time, then the guitar solo comes to stab us with its sharp notes, then executes us mercilessly and leaves us in a sad condition, while Uncertainty is here to bury us with its gripping atmosphere, the melodies continue to hypnotize us with its intoxicating tones, and in between a cruelty and density its structure, there are some moments that make us more disolve in a sad and dramatic atmosphere, before The Golden Age strikes with a gruesome soundscape conjured into a dark dissonance, then the howling vocals release its fury between the pounding of the drums that continue to roar rapidly, a gloomy break is left gaping to give a crack for the cruel guitar solos to sneak with a melancholic melody that seduces us until lose control. The Mask Of Death comes with a heavier structure and has a high aggressiveness, allowing the band to concentrate an attacks in one hit that forces us to fall, the guitar solos are truly able to break the silence with its extraordinary tonal compositions, moving on to The Uncarved Block, a very thick song that combines the ghastliness, cruelty, density, and complexity of its music that created by a series of dark guitars, eerie vocals, and really solid drums, while the gloomy guitar solos unquestionably terrorize us with their haunting melodies, before Astral Projection arrives to close the album with a soundscape that are weird but systematic, where they forcely will drag us into an uncomfortable situations and then bury us in the eternal void.

The Golden Age is a very solid album, skilfully they mix an interesting ingredients such as progressive, dissonant, and melodic into a death metal dish that will become addictive, along with a great compositions that built by amazing instrumentations and supported by solid vocals performances. The songwriting is so brilliant and the production so outstanding, it's an album that deserves more appreciations.